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George Martin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8-11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When ADT was first applied to John Lennon's voice, what made-up phrase did George Martin use to describe the mechanics?
(a) Double-flanged sploshing bifurcator.
(b) Triple-sploshing bifurcated flange.
(c) Double-bifurcated sploshing flange.
(d) Triple-tracked sploshing flange.

2. How long after the wedding of George Martin and Sheena, did his mother pass away?
(a) One year.
(b) Three years.
(c) Three weeks.
(d) One week.

3. The composer Bach trudged hundreds of miles in a failed attempt to meet which other musician, according to George Martin in Chapter 2?
(a) Beethoven.
(b) Debussy.
(c) Chopin.
(d) Handel.

4. In Chapter 7 George Martin and Judy took their first trip to which club, where the Beatles often performed?
(a) Studio Fifty-Four.
(b) The Cavern Club.
(c) The Cave.
(d) The Liverpool Lounge.

5. In Chapter 10, which Beatle does George Martin describe as an aural Salvador Dali?
(a) Ringo Starr.
(b) Paul McCartney.
(c) George Harrison.
(d) John Lennon.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what date did the Beatles gather to record their first record?

2. George Martin perceived which Beatle to be the leader of the group, early in their relationship, as described in Chapter 7?

3. As explained by George Martin in Chapter 2, how is orchestration different from composition?

4. According to George Martin in Chapter 4, why is a human voice more interesting than a synthesizer?

5. According to George Martin in Chapter 2, what was the great challenge faced by classical composers in the late twentieth century?

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