All You Need Is Ears Character Descriptions

George Martin
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George Martin

This person founded the Associated Independent Recording Studios.

Brian Epstein

This person is best known for his role as manager of the Beatles.

Judy Martin

This person is the author's second wife.

Paul McCartney

This person disappointed the author when he found someone else to score "She's Leaving Home", due to a scheduling conflict.

John Lennon

This person asked the author to fuse together two distinctly different versions of "Strawberry Fields".

Ringo Starr

This person replaced another member of the Beatles, even though he had no formal training.

George Harrison

This person was described as the most talkative Beatle, during the Beatles' first meeting with the author.

Pete Best

This person was the original drummer for the Beatles.

Frank Sinatra

This person was an iconic American singer, highly popular in the 1940s, '50s and '60s.

Oscar Preuss

This person was responsible for giving the...

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