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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Johanna realize about her captives?
(a) They are very slow moving.
(b) If she hurts one, she hurts them all.
(c) They are not very intelligent.
(d) They confer on everything.

2. What happens when the Old One enjoys full bandwidth?
(a) It is not able to move far.
(b) It serves as the hand and eye of a Power.
(c) It his high psi strength.
(d) It moves faster than its quad.

3. What do the Olsndots set up?
(a) A language translater.
(b) Ultralight communication.
(c) An ultraviolet desenthisizer.
(d) A perimeter guard.

4. How does the new planet appear?
(a) Cold and inhospitable.
(b) Too hot to live on the surface.
(c) Not ideal for humans but usuable.
(d) Ideal for human life.

5. What have the Straumli inadvertently created?
(a) A convoluted maze.
(b) A paradox.
(c) A great intelligence.
(d) A loop.

6. About what does Woodcarver worry?
(a) Melding with BeeKeeper.
(b) Melding with Stonecutter.
(c) Finding enough wood to keep the prisoner.
(d) Revenge from the aliens.

7. What does Grondr tell Ravna?
(a) That Pham is half human and half other.
(b) That Pham is half human and half android.
(c) That Pham is not human.
(d) That Pham is human with fake, autonomous memories.

8. Where are Blueshell and Greenstalk sent?
(a) To produce their third generation.
(b) To rescue some miners stranded in the Blight.
(c) To an island prison.
(d) On a secret mission to the Bottom of the Beyond.

9. What is the plan for the alien ship?
(a) To take it apart and use the materials.
(b) To study it to learn how to build such a thing.
(c) To send the aliens away from the planet.
(d) To use it and the aliens to spread Flenser's nightmare worldwide.

10. About what does Steel worry about the "pups" in the unburned coffins?
(a) That they will die if he cannot figure out how to bring them back from sleep.
(b) That they will die of grief when they learn their parents are dead.
(c) That they could mature and destroy his world.
(d) That they will spread disease if awakened.

11. What does automation say it should not be doing?
(a) Learning.
(b) Feeling.
(c) Talking.
(d) Sleeping.

12. What does Johanna vow?
(a) To appeal to Queen Woodcarver for retaliation for Scriber.
(b) To try to like the others.
(c) To help Ja survive.
(d) To get revenge for Scriber.

13. What masks the alien ship?
(a) Magic.
(b) Steel.
(c) Brass.
(d) Fiberglass.

14. With what does the narrator say the humans are playing?
(a) Energy.
(b) Fortune.
(c) Life.
(d) Fire.

15. When does the OOB slow?
(a) As it prepares to jump into hyperspace.
(b) As it prepares to fire upon the Blight.
(c) As it enters the Middle of the Beyond.
(d) As it leaves the end of the Beyond.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Ravna tell Jefri they will arrive?

2. Why does Arne anger the wolf-like men?

3. With whom do Peregrin and Scriber receive an audience?

4. Which fragment escapes the butchering of Scriber?

5. What news does OOB learn?

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