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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what might Woodcarver be ready?
(a) A change of soul.
(b) Retirement.
(c) A new partner.
(d) A new meld group.

2. When does Ravna tell Jefri they will arrive?
(a) In 60-120 days.
(b) In 30-60 days.
(c) The next year.
(d) Ravna tells Jefri they cannot come.

3. What do the observers call those who take the pup-like figures from the ship?
(a) Medicine men.
(b) Whitejackets.
(c) Witch women.
(d) Pack leaders.

4. Who sees the cargo shell land?
(a) A village of farmers.
(b) Three pilgrims.
(c) The Consulate general.
(d) No one sees it land.

5. How does the new planet appear?
(a) Ideal for human life.
(b) Not ideal for humans but usuable.
(c) Cold and inhospitable.
(d) Too hot to live on the surface.

6. What melts the coldsleep boxes?
(a) A crude flamethrower.
(b) A sophisticated warming device that malfunctions.
(c) A laser gun.
(d) Hot water.

7. What message does Jefri sent out?
(a) That he is the only one left alive on the ship.
(b) That all the sleep coffins are still viable.
(c) That all is well and they will be leaving this world shortly.
(d) A secret transmission pleading for assistance.

8. What does Peregrine offer Johanna?
(a) A knife.
(b) Manna.
(c) A translator.
(d) Water.

9. What does Johanna call her captives?
(a) Barbs.
(b) Caps.
(c) Tines.
(d) She prefers not to even address them.

10. What does Scriber wonder about Johanna?
(a) Why she refuses to learn their language.
(b) What sort of creature is with her in one of her holos.
(c) Why she is always angry with those trying to help her.
(d) Why she refuses to meld.

11. What did Peregrine do that angers Johanna?
(a) Kills her brother.
(b) Kills her father.
(c) Maims their cargo ship.
(d) Tries to meld with Johanna.

12. What happens when the Old One enjoys full bandwidth?
(a) It serves as the hand and eye of a Power.
(b) It is not able to move far.
(c) It his high psi strength.
(d) It moves faster than its quad.

13. Who does the ghost say conspires?
(a) The Otherness.
(b) Non-humans.
(c) Sjana and Arne.
(d) The Winds.

14. What is newly-born and only three days old in the archive?
(a) Evil.
(b) Knowledge.
(c) Grace.
(d) Light.

15. What is Steel's greatest success?
(a) Experiment Arbijefri.
(b) Experiment Corporfani.
(c) Experiment Amdiranifani.
(d) Experiment Transcifani.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Pham after the Old One's death?

2. Who emerges from the cargo shell?

3. How old is Woodcarver?

4. What does Joanna do to Peregrine?

5. What is the plan for the alien ship?

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