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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Johanna vow?
(a) To try to like the others.
(b) To help Ja survive.
(c) To get revenge for Scriber.
(d) To appeal to Queen Woodcarver for retaliation for Scriber.

2. How does the new planet appear?
(a) Cold and inhospitable.
(b) Not ideal for humans but usuable.
(c) Too hot to live on the surface.
(d) Ideal for human life.

3. What news does OOB learn?
(a) About the Blight stopping short of Beyond the Beyond.
(b) About Jefri's death.
(c) About the fall of Relay and the murder of a power.
(d) About Johanna's death.

4. What is Steel's greatest success?
(a) Experiment Amdiranifani.
(b) Experiment Arbijefri.
(c) Experiment Transcifani.
(d) Experiment Corporfani.

5. What is the plan for the alien ship?
(a) To take it apart and use the materials.
(b) To send the aliens away from the planet.
(c) To study it to learn how to build such a thing.
(d) To use it and the aliens to spread Flenser's nightmare worldwide.

6. What do the observers call those who take the pup-like figures from the ship?
(a) Witch women.
(b) Pack leaders.
(c) Whitejackets.
(d) Medicine men.

7. What report does the Arbitration Arts Corporation issue?
(a) About a civilization claiming to have created a new Power in the Transcend.
(b) About the evil found on Earth.
(c) About the planet which is able to meld into packs.
(d) About the cargo ship's crash.

8. How many children do Olsndot and his wife have to raise?
(a) 311.
(b) 38.
(c) 200.
(d) 10.

9. What does Grondr tell Ravna?
(a) That Pham is not human.
(b) That Pham is human with fake, autonomous memories.
(c) That Pham is half human and half other.
(d) That Pham is half human and half android.

10. What does Johanna realize about her captives?
(a) They are not very intelligent.
(b) If she hurts one, she hurts them all.
(c) They are very slow moving.
(d) They confer on everything.

11. When does Ravna tell Jefri they will arrive?
(a) In 30-60 days.
(b) In 60-120 days.
(c) Ravna tells Jefri they cannot come.
(d) The next year.

12. What melts the coldsleep boxes?
(a) A laser gun.
(b) Hot water.
(c) A sophisticated warming device that malfunctions.
(d) A crude flamethrower.

13. What does Johanna call her captives?
(a) She prefers not to even address them.
(b) Caps.
(c) Tines.
(d) Barbs.

14. Who sees the cargo shell land?
(a) The Consulate general.
(b) Three pilgrims.
(c) No one sees it land.
(d) A village of farmers.

15. Which fragment escapes the butchering of Scriber?
(a) Sci.
(b) Ja.
(c) Cri.
(d) Be.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Woodcarver?

2. What does one post say about Homo sapiens and being controlled?

3. From what does Johanna no longer cringe?

4. How many stars does the planet the archeologists explore have?

5. What does Joanna do to Peregrine?

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