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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom do Peregrin and Scriber receive an audience?
(a) King Woodcarver.
(b) Queen Stonecarver.
(c) Queen Woodcarver.
(d) Queen BeeKeeper.

2. What does Steel want to use against the Woodcarvers?
(a) Amdijefri.
(b) Amdiranifani.
(c) Johanna.
(d) The ship.

3. With what does the narrator say the humans are playing?
(a) Energy.
(b) Life.
(c) Fire.
(d) Fortune.

4. What would render the ghosts' plan worthless?
(a) More births.
(b) If they cannot separately get word to the outside.
(c) The archive being fully awakened.
(d) The net collapsing over them.

5. What makes Woodcarver feel better than she has in years?
(a) Sex.
(b) A magic elixir.
(c) Swimming in the healing springs.
(d) Eating the heart of the bamua.

6. What did Peregrine do that angers Johanna?
(a) Maims their cargo ship.
(b) Kills her brother.
(c) Tries to meld with Johanna.
(d) Kills her father.

7. What does Scriber wonder about Johanna?
(a) Why she refuses to meld.
(b) Why she is always angry with those trying to help her.
(c) What sort of creature is with her in one of her holos.
(d) Why she refuses to learn their language.

8. Which fragment escapes the butchering of Scriber?
(a) Be.
(b) Cri.
(c) Sci.
(d) Ja.

9. Who is blamed for the Blight?
(a) Pham.
(b) The Old One.
(c) Homo sapiens.
(d) The Woodcarvers.

10. What could steal the secrets the Straumli archeologists uncover?
(a) Star gazer.
(b) The Powers.
(c) The old ones.
(d) The mad ones.

11. From where are troops dispatched?
(a) The city of Casler.
(b) Flenser Castle.
(c) The village of Noma.
(d) The city of Flens.

12. About what does Woodcarver worry?
(a) Finding enough wood to keep the prisoner.
(b) Melding with Stonecutter.
(c) Melding with BeeKeeper.
(d) Revenge from the aliens.

13. What does Johanna realize about her captives?
(a) They are not very intelligent.
(b) They are very slow moving.
(c) If she hurts one, she hurts them all.
(d) They confer on everything.

14. What does Jefri realize?
(a) That his parents are alive but injured.
(b) That the world upon which he is stranded is no part of the Realm or Net.
(c) That the ship is in danger of destruction.
(d) That his sister is still alive.

15. What happens when the Old One enjoys full bandwidth?
(a) It serves as the hand and eye of a Power.
(b) It his high psi strength.
(c) It is not able to move far.
(d) It moves faster than its quad.

Short Answer Questions

1. From whose perspective is chapter 4 narrated?

2. What happens to Pham after the Old One's death?

3. What does Peregrine offer Johanna?

4. Who is badly wounded in the fighting?

5. What would the Straumli archeologists sell when they were done?

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