A Fire upon the Deep Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where are the scientists from and what are they doing?

Scientists from the Straumli explore a long-ruined Earth to learn secrets to enrich the Realm.

2. How does narration describe Earth and its surroundings?

Narration describes Earth and its surrounding by noting a solitary, dying sun, a few asteroids, and earth looking more like a moon than a planet. The sun is just past the Beyond. The surface of Earth is just a layer of dust, soil and rocks.

3. How is the curse of the Pharoah's tomb related to what the humans from the Straumli Realm are doing on Earth?

When Pharoahs are laid to rest in pyramids, there is a curse put on the pyramid that will negatively affect anyone who opens and plunders the tomb. The implication in the narration of the prologue is that plundering Earth's data systems will effect the same sort of curse.

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