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• Scientists explore a long-ruined Earth to learn secrets to enrich the Straumli Realm.

• An intelligence that these scientists have inadvertently created nears its "great flowering" across interstellar space.

• Some humans realize that they have played with fire.

• None guesses that they have changed the future of trillions of star systems.

• The new Power frantically probes the archives as the humans make off with a quantum data container.

• The Power infiltrates the ship's code and shuts everything down, dooming these humans.

• A second vessel jumps successfully.

• Horrified at how it has been fooled and how close it has come to dying, the Power looks forward to things being different this time.

Part 1, Chapters 1-4

• Arne Olsndot lands the cargo shell with a single torch or rocket and no automation.

• Arne is in despair about not being able to rendezvous with the frigate carrying the adults.

• Sjane reminds him...

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