Lord Hornblower Test | Final Test - Easy

This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 146 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.
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Lord Hornblower Test | Final Test - Easy

This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 146 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Hornblower arrives at Rouen?
(a) He meets with no resistance.
(b) He has to fight a duel.
(c) He has to retreat due to superior force.
(d) He is captured.

2. Who leads the force to attack the troops Napoleon is sending to take back Le Havre?
(a) The visiting royal.
(b) Captain Bush.
(c) Colonel Dobbs.
(d) Commodore Hornblower.

3. How does Marie die?
(a) She falls into the river and drowns.
(b) She bleeds to death in Hornblower's arms.
(c) She is trampled when her horse is shot from under her.
(d) She is bayoneted when she tries to escape.

4. What happens when Hornblower and the French troops exchange gun fire?
(a) Hornblower surrenders.
(b) Hornblower is shot in the leg.
(c) Brown is killed.
(d) Marie is shot in the leg.

5. What does Napoleon do (April 1814) not long after Hornblower secures Rouen?
(a) Makes a last stand in Paris.
(b) Surrenders.
(c) Abdicates.
(d) Commits suicide.

6. What else does Brown tell Hornblower he plans to do?
(a) Go to America and seek his fortune.
(b) Use his saved prize money and settle down in Rome.
(c) Join the Porta Coeli crew and become Captain Freeman's servant.
(d) Open an inn in Paris.

7. Where does Hornblower send the Porta Coeli as part of his plan for the militia?
(a) Back to England for reinforcements.
(b) Upriver from Le Havre to a place called Caudebec.
(c) To Spain to deliver a message to General Blücher.
(d) Up the Seine River further into France.

8. What does Barbara do that contributes to the drifting apart of her relationship with Hornblower?
(a) She refuses to stay in Le Havre and leaves for England.
(b) She refuses to sleep with Hornblower.
(c) She asks her brother to commend Hornblower to the Prince Regent.
(d) She accepts the role of unofficial hostess for England at the Congress.

9. Who does Hornblower and his wife meet at one of the state functions?
(a) The Duke of Wellington.
(b) The Prince Regent.
(c) Lucien de Ladon and his widowed daughter-in-law.
(d) King George III and Queen Charlotte.

10. Where does the attack force go to meet Napoleon's troops?
(a) To Harfleur, a small town outside of Le Havre.
(b) Upriver from Le Havre, near a place called Caudebec.
(c) To the harbor.
(d) Downriver from Le Havre, near a place called Honfleur.

11. Although news is uncertain, which of the following is confirmed as fact while Hornblower is at the Chateau?
(a) Napoleon is poisoned but survives.
(b) Barbara is having an affair.
(c) Napoleon regains his power.
(d) An assassination attempt on the Prince Regent's life is thwarted.

12. What is surprising about the city of Nevers?
(a) It is flying the white Bourbon flag.
(b) It is suffering from the plaque.
(c) It is overrun by the Bonapartists.
(d) It is deserted.

13. What happens to Captain Bush after the encounter with Napoleon's troops at Caudebec?
(a) He is blinded by a piece of shrapnel from the explosion.
(b) He is killed when a powder store explodes.
(c) He is severely wounded by a French soldier and has to have his leg amputated.
(d) He is killed during the attack by friendly fire.

14. What is the news from the war front (March 1814)?
(a) Prime Minister Pitt is considering conscription.
(b) Napoleon is in secret talks with the Americans.
(c) Bonaparte suffers a major setback at Soissons.
(d) The Duke of Wellington is suffering from gout and has to postpone a planned attack.

15. What does Hornblower have to do for the royal banquet that he particularly dislikes?
(a) Have his hair powdered.
(b) Make a speech.
(c) Wear all his medals.
(d) Keep up with the Duke d'Angoulême's drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the VIP soon to arrive at Le Havre?

2. In opposing Napoleon, what do the Comte and his followers become?

3. Who brings news that England is sending a VIP?

4. To whom do the placards' promises not extend?

5. Who leaves the Chateau with Hornblower?

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