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Sarah J. Maas
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The following version of the book was used to create this study guide: Maas, Sarah J. Court of Mist and Fury, Bloomsbury Children's Books, New York, New York, 2016. Kindle AZW file.

Fayre Archeron was a human girl when she arrived in the land faeries and was Made into a faerie herself after defeating the evil Amarantha. As this novel of the series opens, Fayre is living with the High Lord of the Spring Court, Tamlin, and the date of their wedding is approaching. Fayre is struggling with the changes in her life, including the physical changes. She is clumsy in her new faerie body and forgets how strong she really is. Fayre hates that Tamlin is so protective, refusing to let her leave the safety of his home and there are even guards present when she is at home. When Fayre tries to explain to Tamlin that he is smothering the life from her, Tamlin digs in on his stand and continues the same policies. Fayre has made a friend of Tamlin's emissary, Lucien, but even he is unable to make Tamlin see the truth and unwilling to go against Tamlin's policies, even when he sees how dramatically it is affecting Fayre. Fayre becomes completely disinterested in anything, including the details of her approaching wedding. She allows a high priestess, Ianthe, to make all the decisions for her. The result is that Fayre is dressed in a wedding dress she hates as she steps out to marry Tamlin. Just steps from the altar, she realizes she cannot go through with the marriage. Silently, she begs for someone to help her out of this situation.

Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, arrives, demanding that Fayre fulfill a bargain she made with him when Amarantha held them all captive. Fayre had promised to spend a week each month with Rhysand. Fayre is furious, but she accepts the condition. She is surprised when she learns that the stories about the horrors of the Night Court are not true. Over the coming weeks, Fayre begins to learn more about Rhysand as well. Tamlin, furiously trying to completely control Fayre, locks her in the house. She panics, remembering the horror of being locked in the prison Amarantha created. Rhysand sends his cousin Morrigan to rescue her. Rhysand decides to trust Fayre with his biggest secret that the majority of his people live in comfort and peace in a hidden city. With a short time away from Tamlin, Fayre realizes that she can never accept Tamlin's restrictions and decides she will never return. She is quickly accepted into Rhysand's inner circle along with warriors Cassian and Azriel. As Cassian begins to train Fayre to fight with weapons, Rhysand begins to help her develop and control her powers.

They know that the King of Hybern is planning to attack the rest of the faerie land and the mortal land that lies beyond. Fayre is worried about her sisters and agrees to help stop the war. However, they soon learn that Fayre, who was Made by the blood of all seven of the High Lords, is special and may be the only person who can stop a vital step in the war by finding and destroying the magic Cauldron.

By this time, Fayre and Rhysand have spent weeks flirting and teasing. Fayre is furious when she discovers that she and Rhysand are actually mates, a formal bond between faeries. She has grown to love him, but she feels betrayed that he has known about this bond for a long time without revealing it. They come to an understanding. Rhysand is frantic with his need to protect Fayre, but he restrains himself and gives her space to make her own decisions. She willingly accepts the role of High Queen to the Night Court.

Just as Fayre's group is about to destroy the Cauldron, they are captured. Fayre discovers that a group of mortal queens want the immortality that will be theirs if they become faeries. They have betrayed Tamlin and Fayre in order to achieve that goal. Tamlin has also betrayed her in the hope of bringing her back to the Spring Court. Fayre manipulates the King of Hybern into severing a bond between her and Rhysand. Everyone believes he has severed the mating bond, but that is not the case. Fayre and Rhysand are actually still able to communicate and Fayre goes back to the Spring Court with Tamlin where she plans to destroy him and those who betrayed her.

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