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Max Brooks
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nation is Maria Zhuganova part of?
(a) The Holy Russian Empire.
(b) The West Indies Federation.
(c) The Consolidated States of North America.
(d) She is no longer affiliated with any country.

2. What is the Deep Submergence Combat Corp?
(a) A team that handles zombies underwater.
(b) A team that protects civilians by taking them onto submarines.
(c) A team that protects marine life.
(d) A team that stores supplies for the military underwater.

3. Why does Jesika Hendricks return to the wilderness park in Canada every year?
(a) To lobby for equal rights for refugees.
(b) To remember her parents, who are dead.
(c) To clean the area of refugee debris and human remains.
(d) To celebrate the victory of the Battle of Sand Lakes.

4. According to Sardar Khanin, who destroys the pass?
(a) Sergeant Mukherjee.
(b) Paul Redeker.
(c) Sardar Khanin.
(d) General Raj-Singh.

5. How long did the process of the final battle for the U.S. take?
(a) Three years.
(b) Three hours.
(c) Three weeks.
(d) Three days.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kwang Jingshu believe about China?

2. Where is Arthur Sinclair in Chapter 8?

3. What benefit does Joe Muhammad see in the war?

4. What is the second choice given to U.S. military forces after the war, according to "The Whacko?"

5. In what state is Mrs. Miller in Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kondo Tatsumi feel about Tomonaga Ijiro according to Chapter 8?

2. When speaking with the narrator, Jesika Hendricks casually kills a zombie as it begins to reanimate. What does this reveal about her?

3. What does Chapter 4 reveal about the people experiencing the outbreak and war?

4. Why did the narrator speak to so many different people during the story?

5. Why do the different people have such different reactions to life after the war?

6. What will happen to Breckinridge Scott after the war?

7. Why is Michael Choi so upset by the extinction of whales on Earth, as well as the deaths of most of the Earth's marine life?

8. Explain the changes to the military after the announcement to go to war, according to Todd Wainio.

9. Explain the importance of royalty during the war, according to Allen Forbes.

10. How has Kwang Jingshu's perspective changed after the war?

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