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Max Brooks
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ajay Shah say some people were refused passage on boats in India?
(a) Because they couldn't pay enough.
(b) Because of their skin color or caste.
(c) Because they weren't willing to work off their passage.
(d) Because of the weight limits on the boats.

2. Where does the narrator meet Todd Wainio?
(a) At a memorial for soldiers that fell in World War Z.
(b) At his home.
(c) At a local hideout.
(d) At a mural of a battle between U.S. soldiers and the infected.

3. According to Todd Wainio, what led to soldiers panicking and the line collapsing?
(a) The video feed.
(b) Running out of ammunition.
(c) Reports from helicopters overhead.
(d) Several infected people breaking through the line.

4. According to Grover Carlson, why was Breckinridge Scott's vaccine pushed through the FDA?
(a) To kill the infected.
(b) To calm the people.
(c) To cure the people.
(d) To contain the illness.

5. How did the Redeker Plan begin?
(a) The consolidation of all government officials to a safe zone.
(b) The consolidation of rich civilians to a safe zone.
(c) The consolidation of military forces to a safe zone.
(d) The consolidation of all doctors to a safe zone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the only way to kill the infected?

2. What plan did Paul Redeker rewrite for the apartheid government?

3. How was the twelve-year-old boy infected?

4. To where was Bob Archer transferred?

5. What does Saladin Kader believe about Warmbrunn's plan?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are some people pessimistic about life after the war?

2. What is the tone of Chapter 4?

3. How does Kwang Jingshu feel about life and China after the war?

4. Why is T. Sean Collins having trouble adapting to life after the war?

5. Explain what happened in Cuba during the war?

6. How did Herr Muller get sick without having any bite marks on him?

7. What was Terry Knox's perspective of the war?

8. Explain what happened in North Korea during the war. What does Hyungchol Choi speculate happened?

9. Explain the Redeker Plan.

10. Explain how Jesika Hendricks and her parents were able to survive the winter.

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