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Max Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal was used to lead the zombies to the army firing line in Hope, New Mexico?
(a) Cats.
(b) Rats.
(c) Dogs.
(d) Horses.

2. How does Mrs. Miller believe her generation caused the war?
(a) By feeding into panic.
(b) By letting the military take control.
(c) Through ignorance and deceit.
(d) By not listening to each other.

3. Jurgen Warmbrunn remembers a pond from youth. Why is this pond still gray?
(a) From the ashes of the zombies.
(b) From the animals who made nests nearby.
(c) From the ashes of those killed by the Nazis.
(d) From the pollution of his hometown.

4. Why did Cuba thrive during the war?
(a) They were immune to the illness.
(b) They were always prepared for war.
(c) They became a democracy.
(d) They acquired Puerto Rico as part of their country.

5. How did Father Sergei Ryzhkov prevent infected soldiers from committing the sin of suicide?
(a) By urging their superior officers to kill them.
(b) By killing them himself.
(c) By counseling them and praying with them.
(d) By counseling medical technicians to euthanize them.

6. What does Jesika Hendricks have a hard time dealing with after the war?
(a) That her parents had cryptic conversations about her.
(b) That her parents died while others lived.
(c) That people no longer care about the environment.
(d) That many of the dead are not remembered.

7. What did Todd Wainio do at the moment of his most vivid memory?
(a) Watched the sunrise in silence.
(b) Put all his effort into helping others around him.
(c) Had a glass of champagne.
(d) Wrote a letter to his future self.

8. What is Todd Wainio's most vivid memory?
(a) The first time he killed a zombie.
(b) The victory at Hero City.
(c) The first morning he woke up after the zombies were gone.
(d) The first time he saw a zombie.

9. What nation is Maria Zhuganova part of?
(a) The West Indies Federation.
(b) The Consolidated States of North America.
(c) She is no longer affiliated with any country.
(d) The Holy Russian Empire.

10. How long after his interview with the narrator did Terry Knox die?
(a) Three weeks.
(b) He didn't.
(c) Three months.
(d) Three days.

11. Why is Philip Adler unable to keep his promise to himself about Lang?
(a) Lang was court-marshalled by other soldiers.
(b) Lang was sent to a psychiatric facility.
(c) Lang killed himself.
(d) Lang quit his job.

12. How are zombies distracted away from incoming ships?
(a) By the use of whales.
(b) By the use of sonar.
(c) By the use of submarines.
(d) By the use of sharks.

13. How did other countries respond to the request to go on the offensive at The Honolulu Conference?
(a) They thought it was a joke.
(b) They supported it.
(c) They ignored it.
(d) They argued against it.

14. What has Todd Wainio attempted to do by the end of the novel?
(a) Return to a normal life.
(b) Tell others of his experiences.
(c) Build a house.
(d) Start dating.

15. What does Kondo Tatsumi say about Tomonaga Ijiro's generation?
(a) They were focused on culture and fine arts.
(b) They were happy to let others rule.
(c) They were determined to be remembered.
(d) They were happy to rule the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dreams does Todd Wainio still have?

2. What happened in North Korea during the war?

3. After regaining consciousness, what does Sardar Khanin imagine a monkey doing?

4. According to Philip Adler in Chapter 8, what did his country lose?

5. Where was Terry Knox during the war?

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