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Max Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the only individual who believed what Maria Zhuganova's nation claimed about religion?
(a) He was thrown out of Moscow.
(b) He committed suicide.
(c) He was killed.
(d) He was excommunicated.

2. After regaining consciousness, what does Sardar Khanin imagine a monkey doing?
(a) Shooting him.
(b) Urinating on his face.
(c) Telling him the war is almost over.
(d) Serving sushi.

3. At what castle was Allen Forbes during the war?
(a) Neuschwanstein.
(b) Buckingham.
(c) Vaux-le-Vicomte.
(d) Windsor.

4. In Chapter 8, Maria Zhuganova is about to have her _____ child.
(a) Eighth.
(b) First.
(c) Fifth.
(d) Second.

5. How are zombies distracted away from incoming ships?
(a) By the use of sonar.
(b) By the use of whales.
(c) By the use of sharks.
(d) By the use of submarines.

6. What does "The Whacko" tell a tree during his interview with the narrator?
(a) That it doesn't need to grow so quickly.
(b) That it has beautiful leaves.
(c) That it's doing a good job.
(d) That a squirrel is living in it.

7. What does Kondo Tatsumi say about both his own and Tomonaga Ijiro's generations?
(a) Neither will be remembered.
(b) Neither will be forgotten.
(c) Both led to destruction.
(d) Both led to success.

8. What is one of Arthur Sinclair's primary tasks?
(a) To bring Breckinridge Scott to justice.
(b) To tell the story of the U.S.
(c) To lobby for a law that gives zombies equal rights in the court system.
(d) To give society a name for the cause of the outbreak and war.

9. What does Kondo Tatsumi say about his own generation?
(a) They were determined to be remembered.
(b) They were focused on culture and fine arts.
(c) They were happy to let others rule.
(d) They were happy to rule the world.

10. What does Mrs. Miller hope the lasting legacy to her children will be?
(a) That her generation cleaned up its own mess.
(b) That the zombies were conquered before her children were old enough to fight them.
(c) That there will be trees and parks again.
(d) That the world is united as one.

11. What does Jesika Hendricks's father trade for stew?
(a) A blanket.
(b) His gun.
(c) A radio.
(d) Jesika.

12. What is Todd Wainio's relationship status at the end of the novel?
(a) Married.
(b) Divorced.
(c) Widowed.
(d) Single.

13. What does Kondo Tatsumi see in Tomonaga Ijiro's path?
(a) It is a path that is already being followed by other countries.
(b) It is a path that could lead to destruction.
(c) It is a good path to follow.
(d) It is a path that could lead to worldwide leadership for Ijiro.

14. What did the U.S. president remind the delegates of during The Honolulu Conference?
(a) That arguing about how to take action is what caused the outbreak in the first place.
(b) That the zombies took the human soul of the people of Earth.
(c) That researchers were close to developing a cure for the illness.
(d) That there had already been too much war in the history of the world.

15. Why were castles vital during World War Z?
(a) They are made of a type of rock that is poison to the infected.
(b) They have excellent defenses.
(c) They have access to underground tunnels.
(d) They have excellent satellite reception.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the final battle for the U.S. called?

2. According to Michael Choi, who or what are the true victims of the war?

3. According to Sardar Khanin, why would a thermonuclear weapon be a bad idea to use in the pass?

4. Jurgen Warmbrunn remembers a pond from youth. Why is this pond still gray?

5. What does Kwang Jingshu believe about life after the war?

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