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Max Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did citizens of South Africa think of Paul Redeker?
(a) They feared him.
(b) They hated him.
(c) He was a joke.
(d) They loved him.

2. What percentage of the initial wave of zombies were killed with the first rocket launches, according to Todd Wainio?
(a) 75.
(b) 90.
(c) 50.
(d) 10.

3. Where was Gavin Blaire flying when he saw panicked people on the highway?
(a) Nebraska.
(b) Maine.
(c) Alaska.
(d) Tennessee.

4. Who are the Yanomami?
(a) The Walking Dead.
(b) The Infected People.
(c) Those Who Are Immune.
(d) The Fierce People.

5. What promise does Philip Adler make to himself?
(a) That he will tell the real story about Lang one day.
(b) That he will kill Lang.
(c) That he will have Lang fired.
(d) That he will have Lang court-marshalled.

6. What is the name of the man who also contributes his name to Warmbrunn's plan?
(a) Jacob Nyathi.
(b) Dr. Muller.
(c) Paul Knight.
(d) Stanley MacDonald.

7. Why does Philip Adler finally agree to follow the order he initially refuses?
(a) Because he realizes it's the only way to survive.
(b) To protect himself from charges of treason.
(c) The order is changed so that some of the civilians are not left behind.
(d) To protect his men from charges of treason.

8. How did the Redeker Plan begin?
(a) The consolidation of all doctors to a safe zone.
(b) The consolidation of rich civilians to a safe zone.
(c) The consolidation of all government officials to a safe zone.
(d) The consolidation of military forces to a safe zone.

9. According to Travis D'Ambrosia, why was Phase Two of the plan to handle the infected never started?
(a) The American public was too war weary.
(b) The American military voted against implementing Phase Two.
(c) The American public voted against implementing Phase Two.
(d) The American military was not ready.

10. During the Panic, what was T. Sean Collins's job?
(a) He was a mercenary.
(b) He was a chauffeur.
(c) He was a pilot.
(d) He was a reporter.

11. Where did the U.S. military attempt to end the Panic by showing how effective the military was?
(a) Salt Lake City.
(b) Yonkers.
(c) Dallas.
(d) Brooklyn.

12. What plan did Paul Redeker rewrite for the apartheid government?
(a) Red Plan.
(b) Orange Plan.
(c) Black Plan.
(d) White Plan.

13. What is the term given to the twelve-year-old boy believed to be the first human infected?
(a) Patient One.
(b) Ground Zero.
(c) The Epicenter.
(d) Patient Zero.

14. To where does Saladin Kader escape?
(a) A military bunker.
(b) A resettlement camp.
(c) The mountains.
(d) An underground safe zone.

15. According to Ahmed Farahnakian, how did Iran retaliate when their recovery plan was spoiled?
(a) They adapted their recovery plan to include the country that initially spoiled it.
(b) They declared war against the country that spoiled their recovery plan.
(c) They bombed the country that was sending in refugees.
(d) They bombed a bridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Stanley MacDonald told about the bodies found in caves?

2. What was one diagnosis for the outbreak early on?

3. Who carries Sharon to the parking lot from the church?

4. Who directed the implementation of the Redeker Plan?

5. Why is Paul Redeker a good choice for coming up with solutions to world problems?

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