Objects & Places from World War Z

Max Brooks
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World War Z / The Zombie War / The Crisis/ The Dark Years/ T

These are the various names for the event that prompted the writing of the novel.

New Dachang

This is the small village where the first instance of the plague occurred.

Patient Zero

This person was the first to be infected by the plague.

Rabies / African Rabies / Walking Plague

These are the various names given to the outbreak.

The Panic

This is the name for a period of the war between the initial outbreaks and the military attacks.

Warmbrunn-Knight report

This plan, developed by sixteen people, would contain the plague and consisted of two phases.

The South African War Plan / Redeker Plan

This plan allowed a specific portion of the civilian population to be evacuated while those left behind would act as human bait.

Phalanx / vaccine

This is what was developed by a character to make a...

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