World War Z Multiple Choice Test Questions

Max Brooks
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Introduction, Chapter 1

1. What is World War Z?
(a) Another name for World War III.
(b) A war between the U.S. and Zimbabwe.
(c) A war between Australia and New Zealand.
(d) A war between humans and zombies.

2. In what town is the outbreak believed to have originated?
(a) Hope, New Mexico.
(b) Zeeland, The Netherlands.
(c) Manitoba, Canada.
(d) New Dachang, China.

3. What is the term given to the twelve-year-old boy believed to be the first human infected?
(a) Ground Zero.
(b) Patient Zero.
(c) The Epicenter.
(d) Patient One.

4. How was the twelve-year-old boy infected?
(a) He was bitten while hunting.
(b) He was bitten while fishing.
(c) He was born infected, but the illness remained dormant for twelve years.
(d) He ate infected meat.

5. Why does smuggling become popular in the early stages of the outbreak?
(a) During the outbreak, alcohol was banned and had to be smuggled into the United States.
(b) A cure was created, but was only given to the military, so volunteers attempted to get it to civilians through smuggling.
(c) The infected were smuggled into countries by enemies as a form of biological warfare.
(d) Rich clients traveled to other countries in search of a cure.

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