Daily Lessons for Teaching World War Z

Max Brooks
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction, Chapter 1)


Introduction, Chapter 1

There are two types of narrators: reliable and unreliable. A reliable narrator is one who is authoritative and can be believed. An unreliable narrator, on the other hand, is one whose perception, interpretation, and evaluation of events do not line up with the known sequence of events. An unreliable narrator may be biased or not have the whole story, or be a character who cannot be trusted. The narrator in World War Z can be considered reliable. Not only is he reliable because of his background as a researcher, but he is reliable because he gets the stories of a variety of people with first-hand experience of the war. The objective of this lesson is to learn about the two types of narrators in World War Z.


1) Class discussion: What is a narrator? What is a reliable narrator? What makes a narrator reliable...

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