World War Z Character Descriptions

Max Brooks
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This character is a highly analytical researcher who is on a quest for the truth about the war.

Zombie / Zach / G

These creatures are unable to be interviewed, but are the important factor in the story.

Todd Wainio

This character was a soldier during the war, and one of the most interviewed characters in the book.

Kwang Jingshu

This character is the doctor who first discovered the outbreak of the plague, and continues to make house calls despite his advanced age.

Jurgen Warmbrunn

This character was a spy who dug for the truth after rumors of the plague began in an effort to develop a plan to save the human race.

Travis D'Ambrosia

Despite being in the military, this character blames the military and government for the outbreak since they didn't put his full plan into action.


This character developed and sold a vaccine that he...

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