World War Z Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Max Brooks
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Introduction, Chapter 1

• World War Z began in China with Patient Zero, when the physician Kwang Jingshu discovered ill patients with human bite marks.

• The patients were bitten by "Patient Zero," a twelve-year-old boy who was bitten by something while fishing with his father in Three Gorges Reservoir.

• The boy is imprisoned, and has many wounds with no blood. He is also cold to the touch and has no pulse or heartbeat.

• Patient Zero is hostile, and rips his arm out of its socket in an attempt to keep from being restrained.

• Military support is sent, but can't contain the epidemic, which spreads beyond China shortly.
• Former smuggler Nury Televadi explains how the outbreak occurred in Tibet.

• As the government cracks down on the smuggling of people seeking a cure for the outbreak, air smuggling becomes popular.

• An infected couple flies to Paris and check into a hotel, where...

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