Objects & Places from White Teacher

Vivian Paley
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Take Ball

This is a game the children in Mrs. Paley's class learn to play.

The Doll Corner

This was where students could play dress up and act out domestic scenarios in Mrs. Paley's classroom.

The Blocks Corner

This was the location often used by boys who would play superhero or vehicle themed games.

Art Tables

Mrs. Paley had several of these set up for students to draw pictures and create art projects.


Mrs. Paley had her students bring in thirty of these for a math exercise.


Each student in Mrs. Paley's classes had this in which they could keep their things.

Time-Out Chair

This was what Mrs. Paley used in her classroom to discipline unruly children.

Whistle for Willy

Mrs. Paley bought several books about and for black children when she first had a black child in her classroom. This was the first book she...

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