White Teacher Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Vivian Paley
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Essay Topic 1

Explain what prompted Mrs. Paley to take notes on her observations about her class that later turn into her book "White Teacher."

Essay Topic 2

Compare the differences in the Chicago school and the schools Mrs. Paley taught in in the south.

Essay Topic 3

Describe how Mrs. Paley finally gained her first black student's trust and what that meant for Mrs. Paley as a teacher.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss what Mrs. Paley protested for and how it ultimately connected to her desire for her classroom. Explain what Mrs. Paley really wanted to accomplish in her classroom.

Essay Topic 5

Explain and describe how Mrs. Paley disciplined the disruptive boy in Chapter 5 to rid him from his bad behavior. Detail its success or failure.

Essay Topic 6

Discuss what Mrs. Paley highlighting racial differences did for her classroom, her black students, and herself.

Essay Topic 7

Explain how Mrs. Paley associated intelligence...

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