White Teacher Character Descriptions

Vivian Paley
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Vivian Gussin Paley

This person was a kindergarten teacher in the fifties and sixties, during the days of the civil rights struggle that defined the era.

Alma Franklin

This person was the author's first black student.

Valerie Wood and Fred Barton

These two individuals were the second and third black children to be in the author's class.

Steven Sherman

This person told the author he did not have to talk to her because she was a white lady.

Janet Albright

This individual was a student teacher who came to work with the author for a time one year.

Barbara Marcus

This person was a student in the author's class who created a Jewish club.

Claire Mireau

This was the child of West Indian parents who spoke both French and Cajun, and this child had a difficult time learning how to play.


This person would play with others...

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