White Teacher Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Vivian Paley
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Chapters 1-2

• Chapters 1-2

• "White Teacher" deals with a teacher, Mrs. Paley, and her experiences while teaching at a time in which American schools were transitioning into an integrated school system.

• She comprised her book from a 5 year period of note taking and observations from her classroom.

• In her book, she hoped to approach the struggles and subjects of dealing with racial differences among her black and white students.
• Another teacher asked Mrs. Paley why she talked so much about the black children, and Mrs. Paley was surprised by this question.

• The other teacher suggested she was less confident in her judgment where these students were concerned.

• As a result, Mrs. Paley began taking notes of her classroom's activities.
• Mrs. Paley decided she would like to teach in an integrated school.

• She moved to Chicago, and her first black student was named Alma Franklin.

• Alma did not talk...

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