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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the Indo-European group who live directly south of the Hittites in Cicilia?
(a) Levites
(b) Luvians
(c) Indonesians
(d) Porthos

2. The illiterate Northerners adopt two alphabets for their Sanskrit language in which they produce the _____________.
(a) Vedas
(b) Dead Sea Scrolls
(c) Talmud scripture
(d) Bible

3. The _____________ invasions weaken the matrilineal tradition and the Dorians make patrilineal succession normative.
(a) Ethiopian
(b) Roman
(c) Iranian
(d) Achaean

4. The ________ tribes leave no record of when or why they adopt a male deity, according to Stone.
(a) Western
(b) Eastern
(c) Northern
(d) Southern

5. The _______________ tablets from the same region of the world as the Genesis story tell a different creation story with the woman as the positive part of the story.
(a) Hittite
(b) Roman
(c) Hebrew
(d) Sumerian

Short Answer Questions

1. The Followers of Horus decide that Egypt will be ruled as a ______________.

2. What kind of Sumerian writing allows the historians of the day to be able to find literature that was written about history?

3. The mountain-god ___________ rapes the Goddess' daughter Ninlil who is later said to be his wife, according to older documentation.

4. Indo-European deities are male and are mainly what kind of gods, blazing high in the mountains in fire or lightning?

5. Egypt practices ___________ when they need to determine property and descent in the society.

Short Essay Questions

1. Early Sumerian tablets associate the Divine Ancestress with particular towns. What are three of these towns' names?

2. Who do women appear as in civil litigation during the times of the Egyptians, according to papyri?

3. Why is the Upper Paleolithic existence of the Goddess speculative at the point of writing this book?

4. How does the mythological spouse begin to gain importance in the female-based world?

5. What are some of the freedoms women in classical Greece still get access to?

6. What is Eridu said to be the place of when it steps away from the Goddess religions?

7. How does the Goddess movement and belief system survive, even though the male deity movement continues to take hold?

8. What do love poems of Egyptian times have to say about the Egyptian woman's role in the courtship with a man?

9. How does Merlin Stone say that society portrays the modern women and her inherent qualities?

10. Describe the battle ax cultures in terms of what their presence was like during their arrival and contact with Goddess-worshiping Middle Easterners.

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