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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Abraham's wife who ends up dying at some point of their marriage and who Abraham buries?
(a) Lilith
(b) Ruth
(c) Sarah
(d) Mary

2. The Mesopotamian lamentation festival is connected with the __________ after the jubilation ceremonies of the sacred marriage.
(a) Feast of Booths
(b) All Souls Eve
(c) Christmaas
(d) The Fertility Rites

3. Anath buries _____ and avenges him gruesomely, and then allows him to re-enter the world of the living.
(a) Horus
(b) Baat
(c) Baal
(d) Anubis

4. The ___________, an incarnation of the Goddess, takes not a permanent husband, but rather annual lovers or consorts.
(a) Priestess
(b) Crone
(c) Mother
(d) Virgin

5. ___________ are the core of communities, whence not only religious business, but also all urban and rural activities are directed.
(a) Temples
(b) Homes
(c) Washouses
(d) Oceans

6. _________ tells Ezekiel to mark the foreheads of men in Jerusalem who commit abominations so they can be destroyed.
(a) Solomon
(b) Jereboam
(c) Yahweh
(d) Jeremiah

7. Inanna has been proven to have killed her consort for his ____________, which appears to be a rarity.
(a) Intelligence
(b) Impotence
(c) Arrogance
(d) Infidelity

8. By Babylonian times, kinds are still appointed by _________ but not put to death, according to Stone.
(a) Isthar
(b) Inanna
(c) Jeusut
(d) Abraham

9. Who is NOT one of the historical figures who link the Hebrews with Egypt's Indo-European royalty?
(a) Abraham
(b) Joseph
(c) David
(d) Moses

10. In 3000 BCE, _________ men are sacrificed at the grave of Osiris as a part of ritual regicide, according to Stone.
(a) Red-haired
(b) Warrior
(c) Impotent
(d) Single

11. Pagan ways may have entered through King Solomon's 700 woman ________, according to Stone.
(a) Brothel
(b) Harem
(c) Family
(d) Temple

12. The Hebrews retain little knowledge of the battle between ______________ and the serpent Leviathan, though it is preserved in the Psalms.
(a) Paul
(b) Jesus
(c) Abraham
(d) Yahweh

13. The Indo-Europeans resent the Cretan legend of the death of Zeus, insisting he is _________.
(a) Immortal
(b) Killed in another way
(c) Between the worlds
(d) In another land

14. Faithful married women face the possibility of losing their husband's ________ and being sent out of his house.
(a) Money
(b) Attention
(c) Trust
(d) Favor

15. ______________ reflects a political ideology in which a single person rules, while _______________ images the communal attitude.
(a) Monotheism; Polytheism
(b) Monotheism; Patriarchy
(c) Matriarchy; Patriarchy
(d) Polytheism; Monotheism

Short Answer Questions

1. How many tribes are created when the Levites are preparing to invade Canaan, according to Stone?

2. What is the mountain which is also given the moniker of the mountain of God in the Bible and in other stories?

3. In Canaan, women have sex with males in the community who come to honor ____________, according to Stone.

4. Married or betrothed women who are ____________ are killed for being __________.

5. What is the real name of the Hittite language, adding to the irony of WWII and the rise of Hitler?

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