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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Canaan, women have sex with males in the community who come to honor ____________, according to Stone.
(a) The powers of nature
(b) The Goddess
(c) The Universe
(d) The temple

2. Isis and ___________ are still widely worshiped in the Greco-Roman world at the time of the Apostle Paul.
(a) Menus
(b) Artemis
(c) Athena
(d) Iris

3. Inanna has been proven to have killed her consort for his ____________, which appears to be a rarity.
(a) Infidelity
(b) Intelligence
(c) Arrogance
(d) Impotence

4. What is the real name of the Hittite language, adding to the irony of WWII and the rise of Hitler?
(a) Adolph
(b) Aryiana
(c) Nasili
(d) Jude

5. Yahweh is supposedly going to give the Hebrews a _________, but it is revealed by the Levites that this is already populated and fortified.
(a) Fortress
(b) Sacred space
(c) Promised Land
(d) Home

6. The people of the lands worship both Yahweh and Astarte/Baal for __________ in their lives.
(a) Double insurance
(b) No reason
(c) Balance
(d) Poltical reasons

7. Moses and his brother ______________ are both born to Levite parents and Moses is told to separate from the tribe.
(a) Aaron
(b) Joseph
(c) Cain
(d) Abraham

8. The changing of Jacob's name to __________ may suggest they understand their ancestry is symbolic rather than biological.
(a) Aaron
(b) Cain
(c) Abel
(d) Israel

9. ____________, Adam's first wife, refuses to be sexually submissive and later becomes a demon in stories.
(a) Eve
(b) Ruth
(c) Lilith
(d) Mary

10. The _______ were first known as the sacred women of the temples, though the name changes to being more negative in connotation.
(a) Kurates
(b) Israelites
(c) Palestinians
(d) Qadishtu

11. In Anatolia, ____________ declares that once a man has slept with a Goddess, he may never sleep with a woman.
(a) Inara
(b) Iris
(c) Osiris
(d) Inanna

12. Who is the military hero in the tales of Gilgamesh, as the stories continue?
(a) Inanna
(b) Gilgamesh
(c) Athena
(d) Enkidu

13. The ____________ scroll describes the Levites' banners, dress, duties, and position in detail, according to Stone.
(a) Korun
(b) Qumran
(c) Talmud
(d) Joran

14. Who is NOT one of the historical figures who link the Hebrews with Egypt's Indo-European royalty?
(a) Joseph
(b) Abraham
(c) David
(d) Moses

15. _________ tells Ezekiel to mark the foreheads of men in Jerusalem who commit abominations so they can be destroyed.
(a) Yahweh
(b) Jeremiah
(c) Solomon
(d) Jereboam

Short Answer Questions

1. The annual death of the son/lover is connected to the ritual sacrifice of the ____________.

2. Who appoints the female monarchs in the earliest historical and Neolithic times?

3. ___________ sacrifices are important to the Levite rites as to the Brahmins, according to Stone.

4. Clement of Alexandria quotes Christ, saying he has come to destroy the works of the ___________.

5. ___________ are the core of communities, whence not only religious business, but also all urban and rural activities are directed.

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