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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Calling the practices of the Goddess ___________ invites future scholars to call today's moralistic religion sterility cults.
(a) Moral-less covens
(b) Meaningless
(c) Breathtaking
(d) Fertility cults

2. In the first century BCE, children born to ____________ are legitimate and respectable and unmarried women are worshiped.
(a) Fertility cults
(b) Married couples
(c) Goddesses
(d) Temple women

3. Yahweh may be derived from the Sanskrit meaning ____________, according to some scholars.
(a) Control
(b) Everything
(c) Male
(d) Everflowing

4. When Moses is done writing Yahweh's laws, he gives them to the ______ to place in the Ark of the Covenant.
(a) Egyptians
(b) Levites
(c) Ethiopians
(d) Hittities

5. The ___________, an incarnation of the Goddess, takes not a permanent husband, but rather annual lovers or consorts.
(a) Crone
(b) Priestess
(c) Mother
(d) Virgin

6. Later in the Bible, _______ becomes a term of rebuke, suggesting Abraham or Abraham's wife was Indo-European.
(a) Hittite
(b) Christian
(c) Jewish
(d) Egyptian

7. ______________ reflects a political ideology in which a single person rules, while _______________ images the communal attitude.
(a) Polytheism; Monotheism
(b) Monotheism; Polytheism
(c) Monotheism; Patriarchy
(d) Matriarchy; Patriarchy

8. In Neolithic periods, female monarchs rule ____________, according to the findings of scholars.
(a) Divinely
(b) Lightly
(c) Theoretically
(d) Harshly

9. Yahweh is supposedly going to give the Hebrews a _________, but it is revealed by the Levites that this is already populated and fortified.
(a) Fortress
(b) Sacred space
(c) Promised Land
(d) Home

10. Isis and ___________ are still widely worshiped in the Greco-Roman world at the time of the Apostle Paul.
(a) Artemis
(b) Menus
(c) Iris
(d) Athena

11. In an Iranian tale, __________ is warned that people have sinned, so he should build a vara, or fortress to protect civlization.
(a) Rulith
(b) Akhmed
(c) Yarus
(d) Yima

12. The Mesopotamian lamentation festival is connected with the __________ after the jubilation ceremonies of the sacred marriage.
(a) The Fertility Rites
(b) Feast of Booths
(c) All Souls Eve
(d) Christmaas

13. Pagan ways may have entered through King Solomon's 700 woman ________, according to Stone.
(a) Temple
(b) Family
(c) Harem
(d) Brothel

14. When the worship of the Egyptian _________ comes to Rome, sacred women follow the ancient customs there.
(a) Astarte
(b) Cleopatra
(c) Isis
(d) Inanna

15. Editing of the Hebrew texts takes place over the many centuries, including _______________ by priests.
(a) Jesus stories
(b) Blatant lies
(c) Jealous censorship
(d) Goddess condemnation

Short Answer Questions

1. Married or betrothed women who are ____________ are killed for being __________.

2. What is the name of the idols which are found on hilltops, under green trees, and beside Canaanite altars?

3. In some areas, ______________ replaces the actual death of the substitute king, according to Stone.

4. The ____________ scroll describes the Levites' banners, dress, duties, and position in detail, according to Stone.

5. The sexual union between the Goddess and the lover who is young enough to be her son is called _____________.

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