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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Later in the Bible, _______ becomes a term of rebuke, suggesting Abraham or Abraham's wife was Indo-European.
(a) Hittite
(b) Christian
(c) Jewish
(d) Egyptian

2. In Canaan, women have sex with males in the community who come to honor ____________, according to Stone.
(a) The powers of nature
(b) The Goddess
(c) The temple
(d) The Universe

3. Who were thought to have been dispossessed of Palestine by the Hebrews because of their abominations?
(a) Jews
(b) Christans
(c) Hittites
(d) Canaanites

4. By Babylonian times, kinds are still appointed by _________ but not put to death, according to Stone.
(a) Abraham
(b) Isthar
(c) Inanna
(d) Jeusut

5. Inanna has been proven to have killed her consort for his ____________, which appears to be a rarity.
(a) Arrogance
(b) Impotence
(c) Intelligence
(d) Infidelity

6. The _______ were first known as the sacred women of the temples, though the name changes to being more negative in connotation.
(a) Qadishtu
(b) Kurates
(c) Palestinians
(d) Israelites

7. Who is Abraham's wife who ends up dying at some point of their marriage and who Abraham buries?
(a) Lilith
(b) Sarah
(c) Ruth
(d) Mary

8. Jeh is sexually defiled by the ___________ so she can defile all women who in turn defile all men, according to Stone.
(a) Devil
(b) Goddess
(c) Indras
(d) Storm God

9. The Bible shows Moses being adopted by __________________ and given a name that is a frequent part of royal names.
(a) A Pharaoh's daughter
(b) A common couple
(c) A shepherd
(d) A priest

10. The Mesopotamian lamentation festival is connected with the __________ after the jubilation ceremonies of the sacred marriage.
(a) The Fertility Rites
(b) Christmaas
(c) All Souls Eve
(d) Feast of Booths

11. Moses and his brother ______________ are both born to Levite parents and Moses is told to separate from the tribe.
(a) Joseph
(b) Abraham
(c) Aaron
(d) Cain

12. Instead of the king being put to death, he is stripped and humiliated in public during the _____________.
(a) All Souls Festival
(b) Mid Summer's Day Events
(c) New Year Festival
(d) Celebration of the Harvest

13. When the worship of the Egyptian _________ comes to Rome, sacred women follow the ancient customs there.
(a) Isis
(b) Cleopatra
(c) Astarte
(d) Inanna

14. The Hebrews retain little knowledge of the battle between ______________ and the serpent Leviathan, though it is preserved in the Psalms.
(a) Yahweh
(b) Jesus
(c) Abraham
(d) Paul

15. Yahweh is supposedly going to give the Hebrews a _________, but it is revealed by the Levites that this is already populated and fortified.
(a) Home
(b) Fortress
(c) Promised Land
(d) Sacred space

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Goddess in Anatolia after 1000 BCE, according to Stone?

2. Married or betrothed women who are ____________ are killed for being __________.

3. After the division of the Hebrew states, Baal, the storm god, assimilates with the Goddess _____________.

4. What might happen if a man were to sleep with another woman after having slept with a Goddess?

5. The _________ regard themselves as racially superior to the conquered peoples which helps to explain other texts.

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