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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Yahweh may be derived from the Sanskrit meaning ____________, according to some scholars.
(a) Everflowing
(b) Control
(c) Male
(d) Everything

2. in around 1930 BCE, ancient customers justify military conquests and marrying the high priestess legitimizes __________ in the eyes of the people.
(a) Kings
(b) Goddesses
(c) Wars
(d) Religion

3. King ____________ is threatened with the loss of his kingdom for forsaking Yahweh and worshiping Ashtoreth.
(a) Matthew
(b) Solomon
(c) Jeroboam
(d) David

4. By Babylonian times, kinds are still appointed by _________ but not put to death, according to Stone.
(a) Inanna
(b) Abraham
(c) Isthar
(d) Jeusut

5. Isis and ___________ are still widely worshiped in the Greco-Roman world at the time of the Apostle Paul.
(a) Iris
(b) Artemis
(c) Athena
(d) Menus

6. In Neolithic periods, female monarchs rule ____________, according to the findings of scholars.
(a) Theoretically
(b) Divinely
(c) Harshly
(d) Lightly

7. The Hebrews retain little knowledge of the battle between ______________ and the serpent Leviathan, though it is preserved in the Psalms.
(a) Paul
(b) Abraham
(c) Yahweh
(d) Jesus

8. The Levites purposefully misspell and mispronounce __________'s name, turn her into a male, and never picture her alone in order to demean her.
(a) Isis
(b) Gaia
(c) Astara
(d) Ashtoreth

9. Because Egyptian myths are cumulative, both Horus and Osiris can fight Set, but only ___________ dies.
(a) Osiris
(b) Horus
(c) Isis
(d) Set

10. In Canaan, women have sex with males in the community who come to honor ____________, according to Stone.
(a) The Universe
(b) The powers of nature
(c) The temple
(d) The Goddess

11. How many tribes are created when the Levites are preparing to invade Canaan, according to Stone?
(a) 9
(b) 10
(c) 2
(d) 12

12. The annual death of the son/lover is connected to the ritual sacrifice of the ____________.
(a) Crops
(b) Consort king
(c) First calf
(d) First girl child

13. Who is Abraham's wife who ends up dying at some point of their marriage and who Abraham buries?
(a) Mary
(b) Sarah
(c) Ruth
(d) Lilith

14. Later in the Bible, _______ becomes a term of rebuke, suggesting Abraham or Abraham's wife was Indo-European.
(a) Jewish
(b) Christian
(c) Egyptian
(d) Hittite

15. Editing of the Hebrew texts takes place over the many centuries, including _______________ by priests.
(a) Goddess condemnation
(b) Blatant lies
(c) Jesus stories
(d) Jealous censorship

Short Answer Questions

1. Zeus is worshiped on Crete as the son of his mother __________ and in one legend sexually attacks her.

2. The __________ at the time of Moses were the first to demand virginity until marriage for all women, according to Stone.

3. Anath buries _____ and avenges him gruesomely, and then allows him to re-enter the world of the living.

4. The ___________, an incarnation of the Goddess, takes not a permanent husband, but rather annual lovers or consorts.

5. In the first century BCE, children born to ____________ are legitimate and respectable and unmarried women are worshiped.

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