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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the first century BCE, children born to ____________ are legitimate and respectable and unmarried women are worshiped.
(a) Married couples
(b) Goddesses
(c) Fertility cults
(d) Temple women

2. Inanna has been proven to have killed her consort for his ____________, which appears to be a rarity.
(a) Intelligence
(b) Impotence
(c) Arrogance
(d) Infidelity

3. The ___________, an incarnation of the Goddess, takes not a permanent husband, but rather annual lovers or consorts.
(a) Mother
(b) Priestess
(c) Crone
(d) Virgin

4. In an Iranian tale, __________ is warned that people have sinned, so he should build a vara, or fortress to protect civlization.
(a) Yima
(b) Rulith
(c) Yarus
(d) Akhmed

5. In 3000 BCE, _________ men are sacrificed at the grave of Osiris as a part of ritual regicide, according to Stone.
(a) Single
(b) Red-haired
(c) Impotent
(d) Warrior

6. ___________ are the core of communities, whence not only religious business, but also all urban and rural activities are directed.
(a) Homes
(b) Oceans
(c) Temples
(d) Washouses

7. The annual death of the son/lover is connected to the ritual sacrifice of the ____________.
(a) Crops
(b) Consort king
(c) First calf
(d) First girl child

8. Who sees a vision of a mysterious figure at the temple fate who tells of 'filthy things' going on inside?
(a) Moses
(b) David
(c) Solomon
(d) Ezekiel

9. What is the name of the idols which are found on hilltops, under green trees, and beside Canaanite altars?
(a) Stelae
(b) Asherah
(c) Tablets
(d) Hittas

10. The sexual union between the Goddess and the lover who is young enough to be her son is called _____________.
(a) Special Coupling
(b) Sacred Marriage
(c) Union
(d) Telmus

11. Later in the Bible, _______ becomes a term of rebuke, suggesting Abraham or Abraham's wife was Indo-European.
(a) Jewish
(b) Christian
(c) Hittite
(d) Egyptian

12. The ____________ scroll describes the Levites' banners, dress, duties, and position in detail, according to Stone.
(a) Korun
(b) Qumran
(c) Joran
(d) Talmud

13. Who were thought to have been dispossessed of Palestine by the Hebrews because of their abominations?
(a) Christans
(b) Canaanites
(c) Hittites
(d) Jews

14. Moses and his brother ______________ are both born to Levite parents and Moses is told to separate from the tribe.
(a) Aaron
(b) Cain
(c) Joseph
(d) Abraham

15. King ____________ is threatened with the loss of his kingdom for forsaking Yahweh and worshiping Ashtoreth.
(a) David
(b) Jeroboam
(c) Matthew
(d) Solomon

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the military hero in the tales of Gilgamesh, as the stories continue?

2. Sacred women are found in Sumerian texts. They esteem the Queen of ____ and she in turn protects them.

3. Who is considered to be the prophet of the tribes and the first prophet of Yahweh?

4. On the Nile, the king is killed when his health or his __________ fails, according to Stone.

5. Aryan priests despise _______ and present the story of Noah and the ark as relatives who survived the flood.

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