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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The sexual union between the Goddess and the lover who is young enough to be her son is called _____________.
(a) Telmus
(b) Sacred Marriage
(c) Union
(d) Special Coupling

2. In an Iranian tale, __________ is warned that people have sinned, so he should build a vara, or fortress to protect civlization.
(a) Akhmed
(b) Yima
(c) Rulith
(d) Yarus

3. In Anatolia, ____________ declares that once a man has slept with a Goddess, he may never sleep with a woman.
(a) Osiris
(b) Inanna
(c) Iris
(d) Inara

4. ____________, Adam's first wife, refuses to be sexually submissive and later becomes a demon in stories.
(a) Ruth
(b) Lilith
(c) Mary
(d) Eve

5. Married or betrothed women who are ____________ are killed for being __________.
(a) Raped
(b) Sexually open
(c) Beautiful
(d) Cheated on

6. Who is NOT one of the historical figures who link the Hebrews with Egypt's Indo-European royalty?
(a) Abraham
(b) David
(c) Joseph
(d) Moses

7. Isis and ___________ are still widely worshiped in the Greco-Roman world at the time of the Apostle Paul.
(a) Athena
(b) Menus
(c) Iris
(d) Artemis

8. The Psalms show Yahweh heaping __________ on the wicked, consuming them with fire, according to Stone.
(a) Coals
(b) Ashes
(c) Sparks
(d) Wood

9. By Babylonian times, kinds are still appointed by _________ but not put to death, according to Stone.
(a) Inanna
(b) Isthar
(c) Abraham
(d) Jeusut

10. The Levites purposefully misspell and mispronounce __________'s name, turn her into a male, and never picture her alone in order to demean her.
(a) Isis
(b) Ashtoreth
(c) Astara
(d) Gaia

11. Clement of Alexandria quotes Christ, saying he has come to destroy the works of the ___________.
(a) Witch
(b) Female
(c) Darkness
(d) Devil

12. Pagan ways may have entered through King Solomon's 700 woman ________, according to Stone.
(a) Family
(b) Brothel
(c) Harem
(d) Temple

13. What is the name of the Goddess in Anatolia after 1000 BCE, according to Stone?
(a) Anaksanamun
(b) Anubis
(c) Inanna
(d) Cybele

14. Yahweh is supposedly going to give the Hebrews a _________, but it is revealed by the Levites that this is already populated and fortified.
(a) Promised Land
(b) Sacred space
(c) Home
(d) Fortress

15. ______________ reflects a political ideology in which a single person rules, while _______________ images the communal attitude.
(a) Monotheism; Polytheism
(b) Polytheism; Monotheism
(c) Matriarchy; Patriarchy
(d) Monotheism; Patriarchy

Short Answer Questions

1. Moses and his brother ______________ are both born to Levite parents and Moses is told to separate from the tribe.

2. The changing of Jacob's name to __________ may suggest they understand their ancestry is symbolic rather than biological.

3. What might happen if a man were to sleep with another woman after having slept with a Goddess?

4. Editing of the Hebrew texts takes place over the many centuries, including _______________ by priests.

5. The _________ regard themselves as racially superior to the conquered peoples which helps to explain other texts.

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