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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the wild man of the woods in the story of Gilgamesh who appears and is extravagantly treated?
(a) Enkidu
(b) Gilgamesh
(c) Attilla
(d) Ishtar

2. The sexual union between the Goddess and the lover who is young enough to be her son is called _____________.
(a) Union
(b) Telmus
(c) Sacred Marriage
(d) Special Coupling

3. The Hebrew customer of ____________ marriage whereby a widow is assigned to her brother- or father-in-law.
(a) Proper
(b) Sacred
(c) Christened
(d) Levirate

4. By Babylonian times, kinds are still appointed by _________ but not put to death, according to Stone.
(a) Inanna
(b) Jeusut
(c) Isthar
(d) Abraham

5. Stone believes women were the first to connect ___________ and reproduction and to integrate the reality into religion.
(a) Love
(b) Sex
(c) Unity
(d) Blood

6. Who is considered to be the prophet of the tribes and the first prophet of Yahweh?
(a) Abraham
(b) Joseph
(c) David
(d) Moses

7. The changing of Jacob's name to __________ may suggest they understand their ancestry is symbolic rather than biological.
(a) Cain
(b) Aaron
(c) Israel
(d) Abel

8. Who is Abraham's wife who ends up dying at some point of their marriage and who Abraham buries?
(a) Ruth
(b) Mary
(c) Sarah
(d) Lilith

9. Later in the Bible, _______ becomes a term of rebuke, suggesting Abraham or Abraham's wife was Indo-European.
(a) Jewish
(b) Egyptian
(c) Christian
(d) Hittite

10. In 3000 BCE, _________ men are sacrificed at the grave of Osiris as a part of ritual regicide, according to Stone.
(a) Red-haired
(b) Impotent
(c) Single
(d) Warrior

11. After the division of the Hebrew states, Baal, the storm god, assimilates with the Goddess _____________.
(a) Tammuz
(b) Isis
(c) Astarte
(d) Inanna

12. Yahweh may be derived from the Sanskrit meaning ____________, according to some scholars.
(a) Everflowing
(b) Control
(c) Everything
(d) Male

13. Clement of Alexandria quotes Christ, saying he has come to destroy the works of the ___________.
(a) Witch
(b) Female
(c) Darkness
(d) Devil

14. Who sees a vision of a mysterious figure at the temple fate who tells of 'filthy things' going on inside?
(a) Ezekiel
(b) Moses
(c) David
(d) Solomon

15. In Canaan, women have sex with males in the community who come to honor ____________, according to Stone.
(a) The Goddess
(b) The powers of nature
(c) The temple
(d) The Universe

Short Answer Questions

1. Calling the practices of the Goddess ___________ invites future scholars to call today's moralistic religion sterility cults.

2. The Bible shows Moses being adopted by __________________ and given a name that is a frequent part of royal names.

3. The _________ regard themselves as racially superior to the conquered peoples which helps to explain other texts.

4. How many tribes are created when the Levites are preparing to invade Canaan, according to Stone?

5. Moses and his brother ______________ are both born to Levite parents and Moses is told to separate from the tribe.

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