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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ____________ worship is described throughout the Middle East in the period of time of 3000 BCE.
(a) Goddess
(b) Sun
(c) Animal
(d) God

2. The illiterate Northerners adopt two alphabets for their Sanskrit language in which they produce the _____________.
(a) Talmud scripture
(b) Vedas
(c) Dead Sea Scrolls
(d) Bible

3. Some priestesses act as _______, providing military and political advice to royalty, though the men begin to outnumber them.
(a) Scholars
(b) Oracles
(c) Singers
(d) Priests

4. Who is the author of "The Golden Ass' which was written in the second century CE?
(a) Sophocles
(b) Hippocrates
(c) Pythagoras
(d) Apelius

5. Which Goddess is said to have created everything, including setting the Sun God Ra into the sky?
(a) Athena
(b) Osiris
(c) Nut
(d) Isis

6. ___________ is just another attempt at explaining human existence - yet Western civilization accepts this contrived myth as history.
(a) The multiplication of the bread and the wine
(b) Genesis
(c) Star Goddess
(d) The Prodigal Son

7. ___________ figures are everywhere: in fire sacrifices, astral bodies, lightning, skin color, and some of the gods - Brahma, Mithra, and Dyaus Pitar.
(a) Energy
(b) Light
(c) Darkness
(d) Power

8. __________, "Lord of the mountains," kills Danu and her son Vrtra, causing cosmic waters to flow, which gives birth to the sun.
(a) Indra
(b) Andu
(c) Sophocles
(d) Astarte

9. In northern Canaan, Adath, the "Important Lady of the _____________" rules in Ugarit in the 14th century BCE.
(a) Universe
(b) World
(c) Royal House
(d) Royal Family

10. As advances in ____________ and domestication of animals clarify the male's role in reproduction, the mythological spouse gains importance.
(a) Breeding
(b) Farming
(c) Religion
(d) Government

11. The Upper Paleolithic existence of the Goddess is speculative since it precedes ______________.
(a) Pictures
(b) Academic life
(c) Religion
(d) Writing

12. Some scholars suggest that the influence of the Goddess only seems minor because the Goddess has ___________.
(a) Little power
(b) No control over men
(c) No bearing on everyday life
(d) Many names

13. Neolithic art at Catal Huyuk, Hacilar, and Elam shows the _______ as subsidiary, according to Stone.
(a) Goddess
(b) Male
(c) Animal
(d) Female

14. During her six year reign, Queen Athalia reestablishes __________ which angers the Hebrew priest
(a) Paganism
(b) Judaism
(c) Catholicism
(d) Wiccanism

15. Hat-Hor is symbolized by a ________ with a cobra on her forehead, as the nature of Ua Zit is retained in the culture.
(a) Pig
(b) Cow
(c) Horse
(d) Snake

Short Answer Questions

1. ____________ continues to be revered as the bestower of rights to shepherds and kings, suggesting matrilineal rights still apply to royalty.

2. What Goddess is said to be the Goddess of the Southern part of Egypt before 3000 BCE?

3. Hebrew women are inferior to their neighbors because they are needed to bear many __________.

4. Who were the darker skinned Goddess worshiping people who were seen to be culturally superior?

5. Egypt practices ___________ when they need to determine property and descent in the society.

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