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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The illiterate Northerners adopt two alphabets for their Sanskrit language in which they produce the _____________.
(a) Bible
(b) Vedas
(c) Dead Sea Scrolls
(d) Talmud scripture

2. ___________ figures are everywhere: in fire sacrifices, astral bodies, lightning, skin color, and some of the gods - Brahma, Mithra, and Dyaus Pitar.
(a) Darkness
(b) Light
(c) Energy
(d) Power

3. In "The Golden Ass," the Goddess speaks of herself as ___________, manifesting herself in various gods and goddesses.
(a) Everything
(b) Nature
(c) Spirit
(d) Oneness

4. According to the writing "The Golden Ass," what is the proper name of the Goddess?
(a) Queen Astarte
(b) Queen Mother
(c) Queen Isis
(d) She

5. Diodorus of _________ writes respectfully and admiringly about women wielding power in the lands where he travels.
(a) Rome
(b) Sparta
(c) Sicily
(d) Crete

6. The Upper Paleolithic existence of the Goddess is speculative since it precedes ______________.
(a) Religion
(b) Writing
(c) Pictures
(d) Academic life

7. Stone discovers that what she thought about sun/moon gods and earth/heaven symbolism is ____________.
(a) Wrong
(b) Correct
(c) A lie
(d) Incomplete

8. Who is the author of "The Golden Ass' which was written in the second century CE?
(a) Hippocrates
(b) Sophocles
(c) Pythagoras
(d) Apelius

9. ____________ worship is described throughout the Middle East in the period of time of 3000 BCE.
(a) Sun
(b) God
(c) Animal
(d) Goddess

10. Female deities are extolled for their roles as healers, with female priestesses serving as _____________.
(a) Assistants
(b) Physicians
(c) Nurses
(d) Voodoo doctors

11. What is another name for Artemis, as discover by scholars in the classical Greek times?
(a) Diana
(b) Apollo
(c) Astarte
(d) Zeus

12. Brother-sister marriage is seen in Egypt in order to give _______ access to royal privilege as international marriages were prohibited.
(a) Sons
(b) Women
(c) Men
(d) Daughters

13. Neolithic art at Catal Huyuk, Hacilar, and Elam shows the _______ as subsidiary, according to Stone.
(a) Female
(b) Male
(c) Goddess
(d) Animal

14. What kind of Sumerian writing allows the historians of the day to be able to find literature that was written about history?
(a) Astrological
(b) Cuneiform
(c) Numerological
(d) Block

15. The ________ tribes leave no record of when or why they adopt a male deity, according to Stone.
(a) Northern
(b) Eastern
(c) Southern
(d) Western

Short Answer Questions

1. What is NOT a city-state which is matrilineal, according to Stone?

2. Royal families were found to show that the Egyptian culture was ____________, according to Stone.

3. As Indo-Aryan and Hoite princes and nobles seek to establish themselves, there is continual __________.

4. Hat-Hor is symbolized by a ________ with a cobra on her forehead, as the nature of Ua Zit is retained in the culture.

5. __________, "Lord of the mountains," kills Danu and her son Vrtra, causing cosmic waters to flow, which gives birth to the sun.

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