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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Goddess is said to be the Goddess of the Northern part of Egypt before 3000 BCE?
(a) Water Goddess
(b) Cobra Goddess
(c) Vulture Goddess
(d) Gold Goddess

2. At some point, the Goddess acquires a male who becomes her lover or consort, but she retains _____________.
(a) Her God partner
(b) A husband
(c) Submissiveness
(d) Precedence

3. Which area has the sex roles for society reversed and where a warrior-Goddess is worshiped?
(a) Ethiopia
(b) Libya
(c) Israel
(d) Egypt

4. Females seem to invent not just agriculture, but also ______________, according to Stone's findings.
(a) Paper
(b) Stars
(c) Writing
(d) Mathematics

5. According to the writing "The Golden Ass," what is the proper name of the Goddess?
(a) She
(b) Queen Astarte
(c) Queen Mother
(d) Queen Isis

6. Who were the light-skinned warriors who encountered the darker-skinned Goddess worshiping people?
(a) Sumerians
(b) Dravidians
(c) Hebrews
(d) Indo-Ayyan barbarians

7. Which Goddess is thought to be the inventor of agriculture, a healer, a physician, and a lawgiver?
(a) Athena
(b) Iris
(c) Nut
(d) Isis

8. Female deities are extolled for their roles as healers, with female priestesses serving as _____________.
(a) Nurses
(b) Physicians
(c) Assistants
(d) Voodoo doctors

9. Hebrew women are inferior to their neighbors because they are needed to bear many __________.
(a) Lands
(b) Crops
(c) Sons
(d) Daughters

10. As advances in ____________ and domestication of animals clarify the male's role in reproduction, the mythological spouse gains importance.
(a) Religion
(b) Farming
(c) Breeding
(d) Government

11. Who charges Inanna with stealing the gifts of civilization from him, according to Stone?
(a) Indru
(b) Enki
(c) Enlil
(d) Gilgamesh

12. Which area has communal marriage, according to the writings of Diodorus?
(a) Israel
(b) Ethiopia
(c) Libya
(d) Iraq

13. Who is the weaker brother or husband to the Egyptian Goddess Isis?
(a) Menaleus
(b) Irison
(c) Luxor
(d) Osiris

14. Who were the darker skinned Goddess worshiping people who were seen to be culturally superior?
(a) Dravidians
(b) Indo-Aryan barbarians
(c) Sumerians
(d) Hebrews

15. Various Hatti Goddesses survive the battle of the Hittites, and are known as the __________.
(a) Group
(b) Throne
(c) Guild
(d) Family

Short Answer Questions

1. The Mother Goddess provides life and a controllable ____________ to the people who believe in her.

2. ___________ is just another attempt at explaining human existence - yet Western civilization accepts this contrived myth as history.

3. ______________ is said to have been Queen Omphale's servile lover, according to Stone.

4. Hittite armies often clash with ___________ in their attempts to try to control Canaan, according to Stone.

5. During her six year reign, Queen Athalia reestablishes __________ which angers the Hebrew priest

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