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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Female deities are extolled for their roles as healers, with female priestesses serving as _____________.
(a) Nurses
(b) Assistants
(c) Physicians
(d) Voodoo doctors

2. Hebrew women are inferior to their neighbors because they are needed to bear many __________.
(a) Crops
(b) Lands
(c) Daughters
(d) Sons

3. Egypt practices ___________ when they need to determine property and descent in the society.
(a) Goddess will
(b) Mother-kinship
(c) Sibling-kinship
(d) God structure

4. Diodorus of _________ writes respectfully and admiringly about women wielding power in the lands where he travels.
(a) Sicily
(b) Sparta
(c) Rome
(d) Crete

5. Which Goddess is thought to be the inventor of agriculture, a healer, a physician, and a lawgiver?
(a) Nut
(b) Isis
(c) Iris
(d) Athena

6. Which area has the sex roles for society reversed and where a warrior-Goddess is worshiped?
(a) Ethiopia
(b) Libya
(c) Egypt
(d) Israel

7. Love poems found hint that ____________ women were the ones who did the wooing in relationships, according to Stone.
(a) Egyptians
(b) Libyan
(c) Greek
(d) Roman

8. Who were the darker skinned Goddess worshiping people who were seen to be culturally superior?
(a) Dravidians
(b) Sumerians
(c) Indo-Aryan barbarians
(d) Hebrews

9. Cretan women are _____________ free and enjoy high standing in their society, according to Stone.
(a) Sexually
(b) Morally
(c) Spiritually
(d) Financially

10. Hittite armies often clash with ___________ in their attempts to try to control Canaan, according to Stone.
(a) Greeks
(b) Romans
(c) Egyptians
(d) Ethiopians

11. Women lose ground in Mesopotamia as the _________ goddesses are relegated to the role of consorts to particular gods.
(a) Ethiopian
(b) Egyptian
(c) Sumerian
(d) Libyan

12. One theory is that the woman's ability to produce ___________ so awes men that they worship women.
(a) Peace
(b) Poetry
(c) Children
(d) Crops

13. Klein suggests that home ownership in early societies makes _________ depend on __________.
(a) Females; males
(b) Females; females
(c) Males; females
(d) Males; males

14. As Indo-Aryan and Hoite princes and nobles seek to establish themselves, there is continual __________.
(a) Goddess desecration
(b) Warring
(c) Mass executions
(d) Nomadic disruption

15. What Goddess is said to be the Goddess of the Southern part of Egypt before 3000 BCE?
(a) Water Goddess
(b) Cobra Goddess
(c) Vulture Goddess
(d) Gold Goddess

Short Answer Questions

1. Females seem to invent not just agriculture, but also ______________, according to Stone's findings.

2. Some scholars suggest that the influence of the Goddess only seems minor because the Goddess has ___________.

3. The Bhagavad-Gita shows ______ bringing culture and light to aborigines who are called demons if they refuse and monkeys or bears if they accept.

4. Robertson Smith claims that in Arabia, all traits of the dominant Goddess are transferred to the _____________ before she is subordinated.

5. The _____________ Goddess resuscitates her mate, proving she is the ultimate source of life and regeneration.

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