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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Even as the males gain control over government in Minoan culture, the Goddess remains supreme and the male is a _____________.
(a) Consort
(b) Servant
(c) Satellite
(d) Distraction

2. The _______________ tablets from the same region of the world as the Genesis story tell a different creation story with the woman as the positive part of the story.
(a) Roman
(b) Hebrew
(c) Hittite
(d) Sumerian

3. Who is the first prophet of Yahweh, who arrives thousands of years after the Goddess emerges in history?
(a) Abraham
(b) Solomon
(c) Joseph
(d) Jesus

4. As advances in ____________ and domestication of animals clarify the male's role in reproduction, the mythological spouse gains importance.
(a) Farming
(b) Religion
(c) Government
(d) Breeding

5. Some priestesses act as _______, providing military and political advice to royalty, though the men begin to outnumber them.
(a) Oracles
(b) Scholars
(c) Priests
(d) Singers

6. What is the name of the Indo-European group who live directly south of the Hittites in Cicilia?
(a) Levites
(b) Luvians
(c) Porthos
(d) Indonesians

7. Who charges Inanna with stealing the gifts of civilization from him, according to Stone?
(a) Enlil
(b) Enki
(c) Gilgamesh
(d) Indru

8. Egypt practices ___________ when they need to determine property and descent in the society.
(a) Mother-kinship
(b) God structure
(c) Goddess will
(d) Sibling-kinship

9. The ___________ are ruled by an Aryan warrior caste and worship old Indian deities, according to Stone.
(a) Hittites
(b) Harrians
(c) Hurrians
(d) Indian Goddesses

10. Some scholars suggest that the influence of the Goddess only seems minor because the Goddess has ___________.
(a) No bearing on everyday life
(b) Many names
(c) Little power
(d) No control over men

11. Indo-European deities are male and are mainly what kind of gods, blazing high in the mountains in fire or lightning?
(a) Stone
(b) Storm
(c) Thunder
(d) Tree

12. At some point, the Goddess acquires a male who becomes her lover or consort, but she retains _____________.
(a) Her God partner
(b) Submissiveness
(c) A husband
(d) Precedence

13. Myths that grow from a religion serving a female deity view ______________ differently from those created by male-oriented religions.
(a) Learning
(b) Manhood
(c) Religion
(d) Womanhood

14. What is another name for the Northern Tribes as they are described in this chapter?
(a) Gods of the darkness
(b) Warrior kings
(c) Old boys' clubs
(d) Battle ax cultures

15. Who is the Sumerian Queen of Heaven, according to historical scholars and to evidence from the time period?
(a) Isis
(b) Hecate
(c) Inanna
(d) Astarte

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Goddess is said to have created everything, including setting the Sun God Ra into the sky?

2. Which Goddess is thought to be the inventor of agriculture, a healer, a physician, and a lawgiver?

3. Female deities are extolled for their roles as healers, with female priestesses serving as _____________.

4. Greek accounts of women defending ancient shrines and expelling invaders may be the basis for ____________ legends.

5. In "The Golden Ass," the Goddess speaks of herself as ___________, manifesting herself in various gods and goddesses.

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