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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Cretan women are _____________ free and enjoy high standing in their society, according to Stone.
(a) Morally
(b) Financially
(c) Sexually
(d) Spiritually

2. Various Hatti Goddesses survive the battle of the Hittites, and are known as the __________.
(a) Throne
(b) Group
(c) Family
(d) Guild

3. Stone discovers that what she thought about sun/moon gods and earth/heaven symbolism is ____________.
(a) Wrong
(b) A lie
(c) Incomplete
(d) Correct

4. What is NOT a city-state which is matrilineal, according to Stone?
(a) Argos
(b) Thebes
(c) Athens
(d) Rome

5. ___________ women work in business, hold real estate, lend money, and work as scribes around the time of 2000 BCE.
(a) Concubine
(b) Mittu
(c) Naditu
(d) Inan

6. At Nimrud, documents show that women still serve as ____________ and magistrates in the 8th century BCE.
(a) Judges
(b) Juries
(c) Accusers
(d) Witnesses

7. What kind of Sumerian writing allows the historians of the day to be able to find literature that was written about history?
(a) Cuneiform
(b) Numerological
(c) Astrological
(d) Block

8. One theory is that the woman's ability to produce ___________ so awes men that they worship women.
(a) Crops
(b) Children
(c) Poetry
(d) Peace

9. What Goddess is said to be the Goddess of the Northern part of Egypt before 3000 BCE?
(a) Gold Goddess
(b) Vulture Goddess
(c) Water Goddess
(d) Cobra Goddess

10. Which area has communal marriage, according to the writings of Diodorus?
(a) Libya
(b) Ethiopia
(c) Israel
(d) Iraq

11. The _______________ tablets from the same region of the world as the Genesis story tell a different creation story with the woman as the positive part of the story.
(a) Hebrew
(b) Roman
(c) Hittite
(d) Sumerian

12. What is another name for the Northern Tribes as they are described in this chapter?
(a) Battle ax cultures
(b) Old boys' clubs
(c) Warrior kings
(d) Gods of the darkness

13. In Shuchinak, "Father of the ________" becomes "Father of the Gods" and later "Protector of the Gods of Heave and Earth."
(a) Patient
(b) Children
(c) Weak
(d) Women

14. The ___________ are ruled by an Aryan warrior caste and worship old Indian deities, according to Stone.
(a) Harrians
(b) Indian Goddesses
(c) Hurrians
(d) Hittites

15. Who were the darker skinned Goddess worshiping people who were seen to be culturally superior?
(a) Sumerians
(b) Hebrews
(c) Dravidians
(d) Indo-Aryan barbarians

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Goddess is thought to be the inventor of agriculture, a healer, a physician, and a lawgiver?

2. __________, "Lord of the mountains," kills Danu and her son Vrtra, causing cosmic waters to flow, which gives birth to the sun.

3. Love poems found hint that ____________ women were the ones who did the wooing in relationships, according to Stone.

4. Brother-sister marriage is seen in Egypt in order to give _______ access to royal privilege as international marriages were prohibited.

5. Egypt practices ___________ when they need to determine property and descent in the society.

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