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Merlin Stone
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who charges Inanna with stealing the gifts of civilization from him, according to Stone?
(a) Gilgamesh
(b) Enki
(c) Indru
(d) Enlil

2. Some priestesses act as _______, providing military and political advice to royalty, though the men begin to outnumber them.
(a) Priests
(b) Singers
(c) Scholars
(d) Oracles

3. _____________ is the name given by scholars to Cretan cultural sites on the Greek mainland.
(a) Mycenae
(b) Ethos
(c) Portos
(d) Athens

4. Which area has communal marriage, according to the writings of Diodorus?
(a) Israel
(b) Ethiopia
(c) Libya
(d) Iraq

5. Royal families were found to show that the Egyptian culture was ____________, according to Stone.
(a) Religion-based
(b) Disorganized
(c) Matrilineal
(d) Spiritual

6. The Bhagavad-Gita shows ______ bringing culture and light to aborigines who are called demons if they refuse and monkeys or bears if they accept.
(a) Isis
(b) Andu
(c) Indra
(d) Rama

7. What is the name of the Indo-European group who live directly south of the Hittites in Cicilia?
(a) Levites
(b) Indonesians
(c) Luvians
(d) Porthos

8. Cretan women are _____________ free and enjoy high standing in their society, according to Stone.
(a) Sexually
(b) Spiritually
(c) Morally
(d) Financially

9. Stone discovers that what she thought about sun/moon gods and earth/heaven symbolism is ____________.
(a) Correct
(b) A lie
(c) Wrong
(d) Incomplete

10. Eridu worships a fish or water god, which is consistent with their introducing __________ in their society.
(a) Irrigation canals
(b) Farming
(c) Fountains
(d) Resevoirs

11. As advances in ____________ and domestication of animals clarify the male's role in reproduction, the mythological spouse gains importance.
(a) Government
(b) Farming
(c) Religion
(d) Breeding

12. ______________ have been found in primitive settlements from Spain to Siberia, hailing from 25,000 BCE.
(a) Willendorf sculptures
(b) Venus figures
(c) Goddess books
(d) Male figurines

13. According to the writing "The Golden Ass," what is the proper name of the Goddess?
(a) Queen Mother
(b) She
(c) Queen Astarte
(d) Queen Isis

14. Females seem to invent not just agriculture, but also ______________, according to Stone's findings.
(a) Writing
(b) Mathematics
(c) Stars
(d) Paper

15. ___________ figures are everywhere: in fire sacrifices, astral bodies, lightning, skin color, and some of the gods - Brahma, Mithra, and Dyaus Pitar.
(a) Energy
(b) Power
(c) Light
(d) Darkness

Short Answer Questions

1. Diodorus of _________ writes respectfully and admiringly about women wielding power in the lands where he travels.

2. Hebrew women are inferior to their neighbors because they are needed to bear many __________.

3. Which area has the sex roles for society reversed and where a warrior-Goddess is worshiped?

4. Hat-Hor is symbolized by a ________ with a cobra on her forehead, as the nature of Ua Zit is retained in the culture.

5. ___________ women cannot engage in business and are killed for losing their virginity before marriage, even if they were raped.

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