When God Was a Woman Short Essay - Answer Key

Merlin Stone
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1. What is the effect the Adam and Eve story has had on the female child, according to the author?

The Adam and Eve myth has told a child that the entire female sex is easily tricked, defiant, and provoking.

2. How does Merlin Stone say that society portrays the modern women and her inherent qualities?

Stone says that in today's secular society, women are portrayed as conniving, contriving, flirtatious, gullible, simple-minded, and needing to be kept in line.

3. Why is the Upper Paleolithic existence of the Goddess speculative at the point of writing this book?

The existence of the Goddess is speculative as her history predates writing, but it is suggested by different kinds of evidence.

4. What are the three types of evidence which seem to point out the existence of the Goddess in Upper Paleolithic times?

The three types of evidence include: 1. analogy to primitive Matrilineal societies today; 2. religious beliefs and rituals; and 3. Venus figures found in primitive settlements.

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