When God Was a Woman Short Answer Test Questions

Merlin Stone
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1. Females seem to invent not just agriculture, but also ______________, according to Stone's findings.

2. Female deities are extolled for their roles as healers, with female priestesses serving as _____________.

3. Myths that grow from a religion serving a female deity view ______________ differently from those created by male-oriented religions.

4. The Adam and Eve myth tells a female children her entire ______ is easily tricked, defiant, and provoking, according to Stone.

5. The female must suffer in pain in ____________ because of the fall of Adam and Eve, according to Stone.

6. The Hebrew scriptures disguise ____________ as the male Ashtoreth and seek to discredit her, according to Stone.

7. The Upper Paleolithic existence of the Goddess is speculative since it precedes ______________.

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