Objects & Places from When God Was a Woman

Merlin Stone
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Anatolia - The Asian part of modern Turkey, this area is from Neolithic times home to the Great Goddess.

Babylon - This kingdom forms ca.1900 BCE when the Akkadians supplant the Sumerians culturally and politically. This kingdom adopts the Akkadian language but keeps the Sumerian Goddess worship.

Canaan - The region encompassing Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, this location is center to Neolithic societies that worship the Goddess.

Egypt - The ancient civilization of northeastern Africa, this country is identified with the Goddess Isis and her weaker brother/husband Osiris.

Greece - This country sends to the island of Crete an Indo-European culture which adopts local Minoan culture and returns via the "Sea People" to the mainland. Scholars term this blended culture "Mycenae".

Hittites - These people are the Indo-European invaders of Anatolia (modern Turkey), forming an "exclusive caste" over the Hattians, who are smaller physically and...

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