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Merlin Stone
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The Asian part of modern Turkey, this area is from Neolithic times home to the Great Goddess.


This kingdom forms ca.1900 BCE when the Akkadians supplant the Sumerians culturally and politically. This kingdom adopts the Akkadian language but keeps the Sumerian Goddess worship.


The region encompassing Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, this location is center to Neolithic societies that worship the Goddess.


The ancient civilization of northeastern Africa, this country is identified with the Goddess Isis and her weaker brother/husband Osiris.


This country sends to the island of Crete an Indo-European culture which adopts local Minoan culture and returns via the "Sea People" to the mainland. Scholars term this blended culture "Mycenae".


These people are the Indo-European invaders of Anatolia (modern Turkey), forming an "exclusive caste" over the Hattians, who are smaller physically and lack their horse-drawn war chariots and iron...

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