When God Was a Woman Character Descriptions

Merlin Stone
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Abraham - The Hebrew prophet of the male deity Yahweh, this character appears in Canaan (Palestine) between 1800 and 1550 BCE, well within the time of the arrival of Indo-Europeans in the Middle East.

Ashtoreth (a.k.a. Astarte, Ishtar, and Aphrodite) - This character is worshiped widely in the Mediterranean region and is known for the priestesses who incarnate her, performing sacred sexual functions. For this "transgression", the editors of the Hebrew Bible deliberately misspell her name, refer to her as a male, and have her name pronounced as "boseth" (abomination).

Joseph Campbell - This person is a mythologist who, in 1960, points out the oddity of turning the obviously contrived and counterfeit myth of Adam and Even into history and building upon it an entire misogynist civilization.

Ezekiel - One of the major Hebrew prophets, this character is a reformer-priest from whose long book the author selects a...

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