When God Was a Woman Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Merlin Stone
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Chapters 1-2

• Stone discusses the idea that God was a woman, but is now no longer a part of religion.

• Worship of female deities is found in many cultures, but is reduced to fairy tales.

• There are numerous creation myths in history, not just Adam and Eve.

• The existence of the Goddess is speculative as it precedes writing, but evidence does exist.

• There were many names for the Goddess.

• Some art shows the male as subsidiary.

• Goddess is seen as the ultimate source of life.

Chapter 3

• Women seem to have had roles of power in society and in the home.

• Some Egyptian men were the keepers of the house while the women attended to business.

• Love poems hint that Egyptian women do the wooing.

• Over time, the woman becomes the consort of Gods, rather than an equal, in some cultures.

• Women seemed to have managed financial affairs at...

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