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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Gore in the Caribees," what was Mencken's perspective on the revolution in Cuba?
(a) Mencken thought the event is not newsworthy, and only reluctantly does he travel to cover it.
(b) Mencken thought it is newsworthy, and he asks to cover it.
(c) Mencken was fervently pro-Cuba, and travels to the country to engage in propaganda.
(d) Mencken refused to cover the event, and is fired by his newspaper.

2. According to Mencken, what was the Union fighting for in the Civil War?
(a) Profit.
(b) Against the notion of self-determinism.
(c) Self-governance.
(d) Freedom.

3. Which decade, according to the author, was Mencken at his best?
(a) The 1930s.
(b) The 1920s.
(c) The 1940s.
(d) The 1910s.

4. What did Mencken think about Woodrow Wilson's biography of George Washington?
(a) It was poorly written and factually inaccurate.
(b) The biography had such a small print run as to be insignificant.
(c) "Woodrow Wilson couldn't shine George Washington's shoes."
(d) He was relieved that someone finally showed George Washington for who he really was.

5. Mencken provided what colorful phrase to describe a woman's body?
(a) A star-spangled mess.
(b) An hourglass of horrors.
(c) A slap-happy seal.
(d) A drunken dollar-mark.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do saints have in common with scientists?

2. Why was Theodore Dreiser compared to Franz Schubert by Mencken?

3. Which was NOT one of the reasons why a Christian wouldn't man cheat on his wife, according to "The Libertine"?

4. In "The Good Man," what general statement did Mencken make about mankind?

5. According to the editor, why were the 1930s Mencken's "downfall"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the content of "Sententiae"?

2. What was Mencken's opinion of stage acting?

3. What was Mencken's remedy for curing the ills of modern religions?

4. For what reasons did Mencken admire Grover Cleveland?

5. What is the difference between men and women in regards to trust, according to "The Skeptic"?

6. What stance did Mencken take in "Mencken's Last Stand"?

7. What examples did Mencken provide to support his judgment of Anglo-Saxons?

8. What aspect of death interested Mencken the most?

9. Did Mencken's aesthetics conform to the ideals of the "new architecture"? Explain.

10. What is democracy's aim, in "A Blind Spot"? What is a crime in the eyes of democracy?

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