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Lesson 1

Objective: Introduction: Editor Alistair Cooke provides several reasons why he did or did not include certain material in the book. This lesson will talk about the editor's process.

1) Class Discussion: Discuss the material that Alistair Cooke decided to include--Mencken's political writings of the 1920s, his art criticism, his Baltimore nostalgia--and what was not included--Mencken's work on language and grammar, and most of Mencken's political work from the 1930s. Make a list for each category.

2) Group Discussion: Divide class into small groups. Assign them one of the subjects brainstormed in Lesson #1. Have the groups talk about why Cooke decided to include or not include the subjects in the volume.

3) Class Debate: Using the groups in lesson #2, Have one-half of the group make the argument that the subject should have been included. The other half should then argue that the subject should not have been included.

4) Homework: Have students...

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