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Short Answer Questions

1. Jeremiah the prophet said that God delights in what?

2. What cultural/religious doctrines did Philo try to mix in his studies?

3. What is the ultimate purpose of ecstasy?

4. One view that Heschel discusses is that an outstanding feature of a poet's consciousness is the sense of being what at the moment of inspiration?

5. An emotional religion of sympathy is more compatible with the prophet's mentality than a religion of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe one view of ecstasy and prophets that Heschel describes.

2. Describe one theory of the state of mind of the prophets at the time they were receiving the words of God.

3. Why does Heschel call indifference evil?

4. What does Heschel say gives the prophets the courage to speak out?

5. What was Spinoza's idea about the prophets and does Heschel agree?

6. What is anthropopathy?

7. How does Heschel explain the beliefs that the prophets were frauds?

8. How does Heschel describe Tao as an antithesis to the prophetic idea of God?

9. What is the purpose of ecstasy, as explained by Heschel?

10. What is Democritus's view of poets and divine inspiration?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss nonfiction. Distinguish it from fiction. In your discussion include genres of nonfiction, their purposes, what types were used in this book, were they used well, etc.

Essay Topic 2

Not all people believe that the prophets are divinely inspired. Discuss at least two viewpoints that call the prophets "false". What is Heschel's response to these claims?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Heschel's theory of pathos. Discuss what Heschel means when he says that the basis for the relationship of God and man is the divine pathos.

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