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Short Answer Questions

1. Some writers in the Bible say that emotions and feelings have been inspired by whom?

2. Who declared ecstasy to be a definitive mark of a prophet?

3. What subject area did Philo develop?

4. What is Karma?

5. What are two unique features of a prophet?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do all scholars agree with Philo's view of ecstasy and the prophets?

2. How does Heschel think much of the Bible should be looked at?

3. How does Heschel describe God?

4. Describe one theory that Heschel discusses regarding prophets and their revelations from God.

5. Who was Marcion?

6. To what does Heschel compare the descriptions of prophecy?

7. How does Heschel describe Tao as an antithesis to the prophetic idea of God?

8. How does Heschel describe the concerns of the prophets?

9. What is one difference between apathy and pathos, as explained by Heschel?

10. What does Heschel describe as the end to indifference?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Not all people believe that the prophets are divinely inspired. Discuss at least two viewpoints that call the prophets "false". What is Heschel's response to these claims?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss prophetic and poetic inspiration. Include information on what different scholars have to say and Heschel's explanation of the difference between inspiration for poetry and inspiration for prophecy.

Essay Topic 3

Choose one of the following prophets: Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, Habakkuk, and Second Isaiah. Discuss the prophet in detail, including who he is, where he came from, what he did, his prophecy, etc.

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