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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 10-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to some scholars, the goal should not be pathos but what?
(a) Knowledge.
(b) Wisdom.
(c) Apathy.
(d) Understanding.

2. To what does Heschel compare the descriptions of prophecy?
(a) Grace and holiness.
(b) Poetry.
(c) Religious literature.
(d) Religious fervor.

3. In addition to using information from Israel's culture, Heschel uses information from what in order to understand the prophets?
(a) Islamic culture.
(b) Greek culture.
(c) Cult of the Balaam.
(d) Egyptian culture.

4. What social ill did Hosea primarily speak out against?
(a) Gluttony.
(b) Infidelity.
(c) Idolatry.
(d) Sin in general.

5. According to Heschel, many parts of the Bible should be looked at as what?
(a) Allegories.
(b) Songs.
(c) Essays.
(d) Poems.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Jeremiah, God states that he will have to destroy what he has built. What was he referring to?

2. Heschel quotes Samuel to show that what was better than sacrifice?

3. The nature of man's response to divine reality corresponds to what?

4. In Hosea 9:14 instead of asking God to forgive his people he asked God to deliver them what?

5. What does Tao mean?

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