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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 10-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Heschel points out that God's wrath is what?
(a) Vengeful.
(b) Like people's wrath.
(c) Terrible.
(d) Righteous and just.

2. Heschel says that prophets have a duty to what?
(a) To their religion.
(b) To their countrymen.
(c) To their time and place.
(d) To their families.

3. Another theory regarding the inspiration of the prophets regarded the prophetic act as what?
(a) An act of poetic creation.
(b) An act of unconsciousness.
(c) An act of rebellion.
(d) An act of madness.

4. In early Israel, the gift of poetry was regarded as what?
(a) A gift of the Spirit.
(b) An intellectual gift.
(c) A talent.
(d) A psychic ability.

5. Jeremiah was a prophet when what happened to Jerusalem?
(a) It fell.
(b) It became the capital of the Assyrian empire.
(c) It prospered.
(d) It was the center of culture.

Short Answer Questions

1. Heschel says that Habakkuk knowing that destruction is coming feels that this is the opposite of what?

2. What changed with Second Isaiah?

3. Who declared ecstasy to be a definitive mark of a prophet?

4. Why does Heschel quote Micah 7:1-7?

5. Heschel looks at the theory of ecstasy but limits it to what?

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