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Part 1: Chapters 1-4

• This book is written for both Jews and Christians.

• Heschel describes the prophetic era of the Old Testament and some of the prophets.

• Heschel also describes the driving force behind the prophets and the reasons why they were different from other men.
• Heschel describes the type of man the prophet was.

• The prophet was hypersensitive to sin and evil.

• This set them apart from others.

• Heschel then describes individual prophets from the Old Testament.
• The first prophet Heschel describes is Amos.

• Amos had strong compassion for God's people.

• His message begins with doom and destruction, but ends with hope.

• Heschel states that God is intolerant of sin, but is forgiving.
• The second prophet Heschel describes is Hosea.

• Hosea's marriage mirrored the relationship of God and Israel: Hosea's wife was unfaithful to him; Israel was unfaithful to God.

• The difference between Amos and Hosea was what...

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