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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 24, what does David notice as he walks through the IRS REC building?

2. In Chapter 32, who does the IRS examiner call?

3. Where does Cusk run off to during a break in Chapter 27?

4. In Chapter 27, where does Cusk sit?

5. In Chapter 32, what does the IRS examiner ask someone to do over the phone?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does the author create setting throughout this novel? How does the IRS become a driving force behind the creation of setting? What makes the setting of this novel important to the novel as a whole?

Essay Topic 2

Research the IRS to compare the IRS details in the novel to the truth. Why might the author have maintained some facts and disregarded others?

Essay Topic 3

What role do nameless characters play in this novel? Consider how they affect the plot and the other characters in the novel. How do these nameless characters influence the major themes?

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