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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 9, where does the author say he kept his notes for this novel?
(a) His wallet.
(b) Computer files.
(c) In a secret safe.
(d) Notebooks.

2. In Chapter 19, what is one main reason given for the problems of America?
(a) Not enough private sector jobs.
(b) A lack of Civics classes in school.
(c) A lack of immigration controls.
(d) Too many government employees.

3. In Chapter 9, what does the author say about financial gain relating to this novel?
(a) That he hopes to make more money than his previous book.
(b) That he has already made money off the book before publishing it.
(c) That it is not the reason why he wrote it.
(d) That it is the only reason why he wrote it.

4. What does Chapter 4 consist of?
(a) A news article.
(b) A broadcast edit.
(c) A magazine cover.
(d) A page from a play.

5. In Chapter 9, what does the author say was once pitted against efficacy?
(a) Faith.
(b) Ideals.
(c) The public.
(d) Government.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Stecyk's neighbors react to him in Chapter 12?

2. In Chapter 13, what part of the character's body is not affected by the sweat attacks?

3. In Chapter 3, how many men are in the car?

4. How does the author present the quoted interviews in Chapter 14?

5. What title does Lane Dean Jr. have in Chapter 16?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Claude's psychic ability described in Chapter 15?

2. What point does the author make about the "information society" in Chapter 9?

3. Why do people dislike the boy in Chapter 5?

4. In Chapter 9, what does the author say is wrong with his publisher?

5. In Chapter 13, why does the main character pay attention to the way he sits?

6. While describing Stecyk in Chapter 12, what does the narrator comment on about the boy's future?

7. How do the characters in Chapter 18 react to Desk Names?

8. What is the purpose of Chapter 11?

9. In Chapter 16, what does Lane Dean Jr.'s character reveal about the work of the IRS?

10. Why does Dean marry Sheri in Chapter 6?

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