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Chapters 1 through 8

• Chapter 1 seems disconnected from the rest of the novel, as it is more of a cryptic statement than part of the plot.

• Claude is introduced. He is an IRS agent who is being relocated after his office suffers a business problem.

• Two nameless characters are introduced. One is a boy who over achieves, but his mother attempted suicide. The other is a girl who is constantly abused, who ends up escaping the abuse with her mother in a stolen truck.

• Lane is another character who is introduced. He is a teenager and devote Christian. When he gets his girlfriend pregnant, they decide to marry.

• The many characters introduced in Chapter 2-8 are not yet connected in any way.

Chapters 9, 10, and 11

• Chapter 9 is a forward by the author where he claims that this novel closely resembles a memoir.

• Chapter 9 explains how the IRS is dull and survives...

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