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Short Answer Questions

1. In what type of species are variations of the eye found?

2. What is one geographical change that affects islands and continents?

3. What type of work is presented in The Origin of Species?

4. What do some scientists say is the reason that cultivated plants do not produce seeds?

5. What is the struggle for existence caused by?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the importance of indefinite variations?

2. How does the growth of a population work?

3. How do variations occur in the wild?

4. What occurs in situations where a species is moved from one climate to another?

5. What are four objections raised to the theory of natural selection?

6. What is the ultimate result of the constant struggle to live?

7. Why is natural selection much broader than domestic selection by humans?

8. Why are polymorphic species considered an extreme illustration of variation?

9. What was Darwin's specific interest in the living species?

10. Is there a cycle to the struggle for existence? Explain.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Darwin gives a number of examples as proof of natural selection. Is there any one example of a situation that provides the strongest amount of proof? If so, what is it and how does it provide this proof? If not, why do you think this proof is unavailable?

Essay Topic 2

Darwin discusses the difference between natural and artificial, or domestic breeding. How does Darwin feel about both types of breeding in terms of natural selection? Do you think he would prefer one type of breeding over the other? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Darwin focuses on animals and plants when discussing natural selection. What do you think Darwin's thoughts are concerning human adaptation? Why doesn't Darwin directly apply this theory to humans?

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