On the Origin of Species Fun Activities

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Mixed Breeds

Students will come up with a list of mixed breed animals (i.e., mule, labradoodle) and determine if the change was definite or indefinite.

Rudimentary Organs

Students will list as many rudimentary organs as possible for the human body. The student with the most correct responses wins.

Scientific Method

Darwin uses the scientific method for studying nature. Divide the class into groups. Each group will develop a short experiment using the scientific method.


Students will write a short essay discussing their opinion of Darwin's theory of natural selection. Students should discuss whether they agree with Darwin's theory, and explain why or why not.


There are a number of new words in this book related to science and Darwin's theory. Students will review the book and find 20 new words and write their definitions.

New Species

Create your own island with a new species. Develop an...

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