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Short Answer Questions

1. Which was the top-ranked race in practitioners of racial ranking?

2. When did craniometry first appear in the study of intelligence?

3. What does Socrates feel will happen when all people are intelligent?

4. People with ______ had smaller brain sizes than those who were suddenly killed in accidents.

5. Which view was based on the idea that inferior races can not be linked to the whites because they started from a separate group of DNA and people?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gould want to define ranking as?

2. What are the two views that resulted in the study of racial inferiority?

3. What were Broca's numbers based upon, according to Gould's examination of his studies?

4. What does Gould have to say about science in relation to the facts it collects?

5. What were the results of Bean's work, as he found the differences between the races and the genders?

6. What does Gunnar Myrdal have to say about the situation of ranking people in society?

7. Define the idea of polygenism.

8. What does Gould logically assume to be true in relation to the contents of the brain?

9. Describe and define the idea of biological determinism.

10. What are 2 of the four points Gould keeps in mind as he examines the studies of the researchers in this book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Another researcher of brain size was Paul Broca. This professor of surgery used numbers which Gould is unsure were legitimate in order to show, one again, the inferiority of blacks.

Part 1: What does Gould think Broca did before doing his research that affected the results?

Part 2: What were Broca's numbers and results based on?

Part 3: In what way were Broca's studies biased?

Essay Topic 2

Monogenism and polygenism began the discussion that evolved into the idea of one kind of person being better than another kind of person. But that's where many of the troubles, Gould feels, also began.

Part 1: Define the idea of mongenism.

Part 2: Define the idea of polygenism.

Part 3: Which of these two ideas seems to be the most realistic? Why? Support your answer with information from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Biological determinism is the concept upon which the ranking systems in this book are based. By taking into consideration biology, it is thought that scientists can begin to form systems of ranking.

Part 1: What is the definition of biological determinism?

Part 2: What are some examples of research the relies on biological determinism?

Part 3: Does biological determinism seem to be a logical place to begin a system of ranking people according to value? Why or why not?

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