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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gould thought that Eysenck's arguments were the result of __________ correlations.
(a) non causal
(b) impossible
(c) radical
(d) irrelevant

2. The answer to #142 indicates how much of a change there is in one variable due to a change in __________.
(a) the weather
(b) another variable
(c) the numbers
(d) the environment

3. Goddard was trying to develop a _____________ scale to measure intelligence.
(a) multi-linear
(b) linear
(c) unilinear
(d) non-linear

4. The field of ________ sciences was redefined during the 19th century.
(a) mental
(b) skeletal
(c) health
(d) life

5. Spearman also found there is a _______ substrate for intelligence except that this can be affected by outside factors.
(a) mental
(b) concept
(c) physical
(d) imaginary

Short Answer Questions

1. "G" was considered to be _________.

2. "______________ proved an irresistible criterion for any scientist who wanted to rank human groups as higher or lower."

3. The answer to #114 became a way to measure the ___________ of the children, and thus their IQ levels.

4. A perfect correlation graph between two variables would show ________________.

5. "An anatomical theory for ranking __________ - based on entire bodies, not only on heads, - had been found."

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