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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Goddard was trying to develop a _____________ scale to measure intelligence.
(a) linear
(b) unilinear
(c) non-linear
(d) multi-linear

2. Sir Cyril Burt was a medical tester who studied ___________.
(a) white adults
(b) twins
(c) blacks
(d) idiots

3. What outside factors are being alluded to in #151?
(a) Mental
(b) Environmental
(c) Physical
(d) Sociological

4. "An anatomical theory for ranking __________ - based on entire bodies, not only on heads, - had been found."
(a) ages
(b) students
(c) races
(d) genders

5. Eysenck believed the _____________ development of black youngsters develops more quickly than in whites.
(a) tactile
(b) motor
(c) sensory motor
(d) physical

Short Answer Questions

1. Eysenck noticed that the average ________ of whites exceeds that of blacks.

2. It was discovered that there was no general _________ of intelligence as Spearman once thought.

3. Bolk felt what race was not only the most progressive, but also the most retarded?

4. What technique did Burt say he developed, although it was really Charles Spearman who created this technique?

5. E.D. Cope thought that _______ Europeans were inferior to others.

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