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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "s" was considered the product of _________ by both Spearman and Burt.
(a) opportunity
(b) imagination
(c) understanding
(d) training

2. "The __________ of inferior groups must be like __________ of superior groups..."
(a) children, adults
(b) adults, adults
(c) adults, children
(d) children, children

3. What group of students/people, as discovered by their intelligence level in response to Binet's test, was most dangerous and trainable?
(a) Retards
(b) Imbeciles
(c) Idiots
(d) Morons

4. "______________ proved an irresistible criterion for any scientist who wanted to rank human groups as higher or lower."
(a) Creationism
(b) Evolution
(c) Determinism
(d) Recapitulation

5. Negative correlation is given by vectors going in ____________ directions.
(a) opposite
(b) the same
(c) straight
(d) curved

Short Answer Questions

1. H.H. Goddard was the first to do what with Binet's test?

2. One of the perceived problems of Lombroso's theory was the need to call _________ criminals.

3. What outside factors are being alluded to in #151?

4. When Burt's sample increased, his correlation between pairs for IQ _________.

5. Factor analysis is a _______ method technique.

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the three rules Binet set up to help prevent the misuse of his test?

2. What did Gould feel about Eysenck's arguments for black inferiority?

3. What do correlations not imply in regards to the studies in which they are used?

4. What did Ellis find happened to men who were living in urban areas?

5. Binet was also trying to create a test that distinguished between what?

6. What did Louis Bolk have to say about whites and blacks?

7. How were Burt's papers and data related to his studies destroyed?

8. What was Binet commissions to do in 1904?

9. What did E.D. Cope believe affected the value of a person and the determination of their inferiority?

10. What was Havelock Ellis' major claim in his study of the measurement of bodies in order to determine value?

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