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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The answer to #142 indicates how much of a change there is in one variable due to a change in __________.
(a) the environment
(b) the numbers
(c) another variable
(d) the weather

2. Sir Cyril Burt was a medical tester who studied ___________.
(a) blacks
(b) idiots
(c) twins
(d) white adults

3. "The __________ of inferior groups must be like __________ of superior groups..."
(a) adults, children
(b) children, children
(c) adults, adults
(d) children, adults

4. Binet tried to devise a system of testing that would distinguish between the ____________ intelligence and the learned intelligence.
(a) female
(b) basic
(c) natural
(d) male

5. Spearman also found there is a _______ substrate for intelligence except that this can be affected by outside factors.
(a) concept
(b) imaginary
(c) physical
(d) mental

6. Binet also noticed differences between the figures collected by himself and by his student, ___________.
(a) Morton
(b) Paul
(c) John
(d) Simon

7. E.D. Cope thought that _______ Europeans were inferior to others.
(a) Northern
(b) Eastern
(c) Southern
(d) Western

8. What group of students/people, as discovered by their intelligence level in response to Binet's test, was most dangerous and trainable?
(a) Imbeciles
(b) Idiots
(c) Retards
(d) Morons

9. In a factor analysis graph, the two vectors lie ___________.
(a) One on top of the other
(b) away from each other
(c) close to each other
(d) on opposite sides of the graph

10. The German psychologist W. Stern argued that mental age should be ____________ by chronological age.
(a) subtracted
(b) added to
(c) divided
(d) multiplied

11. "[T]he child represents a ____________ adult ancestor."
(a) younger
(b) primitive
(c) comparable
(d) unique

12. Eysenck thought that those with ______ rapidly developing skills (as mentioned in #100) also had lower IQ scores.
(a) more
(b) fewer
(c) very
(d) less

13. Burt seemed to have increased his sample of patients from fewer then 20 to more than ________ in a number of publications. This irregularity began the undoing of his work's findings.
(a) 150
(b) 100
(c) 50
(d) 1000

14. What was the nationality of H. J. Eysenck?
(a) British
(b) Swiss
(c) Swedish
(d) German

15. "An anatomical theory for ranking __________ - based on entire bodies, not only on heads, - had been found."
(a) races
(b) ages
(c) students
(d) genders

Short Answer Questions

1. Binet was worried, however, that his testing might cause the child to be ___________ in school.

2. Binet was commissioned in 1904 to find a way to identify children who ______________.

3. The general intellectual knowledge of the child was calculated by subtracting the ________ age from his true chronological age.

4. What outside factors are being alluded to in #151?

5. "Mental testing becomes a theory for enhancing ___________ through proper education."

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