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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bolk felt what race was not only the most progressive, but also the most retarded?
(a) White
(b) He didn't say this.
(c) Indian
(d) Black

2. Cesare Lombroso thought that ____________ behavior is hereditary.
(a) political
(b) criminal
(c) social
(d) sexual

3. What technique did Burt say he developed, although it was really Charles Spearman who created this technique?
(a) Factor counting
(b) Statistical analysis
(c) Factor analysis
(d) Algebraic formulation

4. What outside factors are being alluded to in #151?
(a) Environmental
(b) Mental
(c) Physical
(d) Sociological

5. Factor analysis is a _______ method technique.
(a) calculus
(b) variable
(c) correlation
(d) algebraic

6. Binet also noticed differences between the figures collected by himself and by his student, ___________.
(a) Paul
(b) John
(c) Simon
(d) Morton

7. One of the perceived problems of Lombroso's theory was the need to call _________ criminals.
(a) children
(b) animals
(c) women
(d) whites

8. The German psychologist W. Stern argued that mental age should be ____________ by chronological age.
(a) multiplied
(b) divided
(c) subtracted
(d) added to

9. Eysenck noticed that the average ________ of whites exceeds that of blacks.
(a) height
(b) hair length
(c) IQ
(d) eye color

10. Where was Leon Kamin, the researcher who discovered Burt's flaws, a psychologist at?
(a) Harvard
(b) Yale
(c) Brown
(d) Princeton

11. What technique is explained in terms of geometry and matrix algebra?
(a) Trigonometry
(b) Factor analysis
(c) Advanced algebra
(d) Calculus

12. Intelligence, according to Goddard, came from ________ and nothing else.
(a) school
(b) race
(c) books
(d) family lines

13. "Mental testing becomes a theory for enhancing ___________ through proper education."
(a) races
(b) intelligence
(c) excellence
(d) potential

14. What group of students/people, as discovered by their intelligence level in response to Binet's test, was most dangerous and trainable?
(a) Imbeciles
(b) Retards
(c) Morons
(d) Idiots

15. Burt's papers and data were ____________, which seems to be when his falsifications began.
(a) archived
(b) moved
(c) assembled into books
(d) destroyed

Short Answer Questions

1. E.D. Cope thought that _______ Europeans were inferior to others.

2. The answer to #114 became a way to measure the ___________ of the children, and thus their IQ levels.

3. Spearman also found there is a _______ substrate for intelligence except that this can be affected by outside factors.

4. Who did Goddard classify was having a mental age below 3?

5. Which label could also live independently and reproduce and be a threat to racial health?

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