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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Motor functions are performed at the _________ of the brain.
(a) back
(b) right side
(c) front
(d) left side

2. Science means looking for the ________ based on facts.
(a) theory
(b) reality
(c) answer
(d) truth

3. The answer to #48 also said that adult blacks were like _______________.
(a) white children
(b) black children
(c) monkeys
(d) white adolescents

4. What is the one category to which Socrates does NOT say people belong?
(a) Craftsman
(b) Rules
(c) Peasants
(d) Auxiliaries

5. Gould wants to reexamine the existing __________ for craniometry and intelligence testing.
(a) data sets
(b) scientific researchers
(c) sciences
(d) logic

6. Flaws in the experimental design, according to Gould, do not lead to _________ in the numbers.
(a) usefulness
(b) credibility
(c) proper graphs
(d) the right sums

7. The argument of _______________ is the basis for believing that measuring the intelligence of an individual allows a measure of worth or value to be attached.
(a) biological destiny
(b) biological evolution
(c) biological determinism
(d) biological transfiguration

8. Did a desire for ______ lead to the questions and data to support a predetermined conclusion?
(a) races
(b) answers
(c) slaves
(d) ranking

9. Who was the data analyst for the answer to #55?
(a) Gould
(b) No one
(c) Morton
(d) Milton

10. "For the past two centuries, scientific claims have become the primary agent for validating Plato's ________."
(a) Argument
(b) Myth
(c) Life
(d) Story

11. The craniometry argument is the first __________ argument that has been offered.
(a) reliable
(b) logical
(c) plausible
(d) scientific

12. Louis from #55 believed that there were different centers of _________.
(a) life
(b) possibility
(c) races
(d) creation

13. What means there is some sort of ordering that is used in assigning individuals to their relevant spot?
(a) Biology
(b) Theoretic discourse
(c) Scientific study
(d) Ranking

14. Within what century did science become fascinated with numbers?
(a) 19th
(b) 17th
(c) 20th
(d) 18th

15. Ranking is used to determine that various disadvantaged groups are ______________.
(a) exemplary
(b) unnecessary
(c) growing
(d) inferior

Short Answer Questions

1. Who feels that blacks are inferior and therefore deserve the status of a slave?

2. Gould does not believe that ____________ change reflects changes in social concepts.

3. According to Gould, Broca's studies were __________ by his choice of what to observe to provide that white brains were larger than black brains.

4. Which Socrates work is Gould discussing at the opening of this book?

5. The author of "An American Dilemma" says that Americans and others would only consider the __________ factors when they were forced to.

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