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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If inferiority is cultural, then it can be changed by __________ factors
(a) governmental
(b) environmental
(c) educational
(d) biological

2. Who were like white adolescents?
(a) Adult Mongolians
(b) Adult blacks
(c) Black children
(d) White children

3. What did Galton measure in order to ascertain the intelligence of people?
(a) Their skull
(b) The space between their eyes
(c) Their leg length
(d) Their wrist

4. Who was the skull collector that had more than one thousand different skulls?
(a) Stephen Gould
(b) Louis
(c) Samuel Morton
(d) Benjamin Franklin

5. What other kind of testing, besides head measurement, can begin to measure the intelligence of a person?
(a) Spiritual
(b) Subliminal
(c) Body
(d) Psychological

6. Gould goes on to say that science has not been constrained by _________.
(a) ideas
(b) data
(c) numbers
(d) facts

7. It is logical to assume that mentality and ____________ are located in the brain.
(a) intelligence
(b) potential
(c) logic
(d) spirit

8. Who is the author of "An American Dilemma?"
(a) Benjamin Franklin
(b) Stephen Gould
(c) Gunnar Myrdal
(d) Socrates

9. "Plato relied upon dialectic, the Church upon __________."
(a) faith
(b) dogma
(c) leaders
(d) God

10. The individual's social and economic status is determined by biology so any attempt to make changes has to be _________.
(a) useful
(b) costly
(c) impossible
(d) unlikely

11. What does Socrates feel will happen when all people are intelligent?
(a) Society will become revolutionary.
(b) Society will stop changing.
(c) Society will become enlightened.
(d) Society will remain stable.

12. Which was the top-ranked race in practitioners of racial ranking?
(a) Indians
(b) Blacks
(c) Chinese
(d) Whites

13. What kinds of weaknesses is Gould looking to find in the arguments of other scientists presented in this book?
(a) Scientific
(b) Spiritual
(c) Psychological
(d) Ethical

14. What was the most famous work of the man in #59?
(a) Crania Astounda
(b) Crania Americana
(c) Crania Inca
(d) Crania

15. What did Gould see Broca had formed before he ever started his research?
(a) Data
(b) Mistakes
(c) Conclusions
(d) Book

Short Answer Questions

1. Gould wants to reexamine the existing __________ for craniometry and intelligence testing.

2. The main question becomes, can ________ change the status of the inferior group?

3. People with ______ had smaller brain sizes than those who were suddenly killed in accidents.

4. Where was Robert Bennett Bean a physician?

5. The answer to #48 also said that adult blacks were like _______________.

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