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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Positive Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The answer to #142 indicates how much of a change there is in one variable due to a change in __________.
(a) the environment
(b) the numbers
(c) the weather
(d) another variable

2. It is logical to assume that mentality and ____________ are located in the brain.
(a) potential
(b) spirit
(c) intelligence
(d) logic

3. Where did Alfred Binet study human intelligence and how to measure it?
(a) Sorbonne
(b) MIT
(c) Louvre
(d) Harvard

4. What was Lombroso's theory known as?
(a) Criminalism
(b) Atavism
(c) Alavism
(d) Artavism

5. What is the one category to which Socrates does NOT say people belong?
(a) Auxiliaries
(b) Rules
(c) Craftsman
(d) Peasants

Short Answer Questions

1. Motor functions are performed at the _________ of the brain.

2. Which race was ranked last in the eyes of the practitioners of racial ranking?

3. Franklin P. Mall __________ and __________ Bean's work.

4. The wider the range of behavior, the ______ likely it is due specifically to genetics.

5. What did Gould see Broca had formed before he ever started his research?

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