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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Positive Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is logical to assume that mentality and ____________ are located in the brain.
(a) logic
(b) potential
(c) spirit
(d) intelligence

2. Leaders of the eighteenth and nineteenth century did not dispute __________.
(a) racial ranking
(b) medical findings
(c) scientists in general
(d) scientific errors

3. "G" was considered to be _________.
(a) cultural
(b) inherited
(c) racial
(d) gender based

4. What kind of disease can cause the brain to diminish in size before death?
(a) Flu
(b) Sudden
(c) Degenerative
(d) Heart

5. Humans are unique, Gould thinks, and that uniqueness comes from the ___________.
(a) brain
(b) soul
(c) DNA
(d) heart

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose advice does Gould feel he has followed during the course of this book?

2. Black anatomical structure was often compared to that of a __________.

3. Bean felt that the ______, or front part of the brain, was smaller in women than in men.

4. Havelock Ellis was a scientist who claimed the superiority of __________ during this period.

5. Louis from #55 believed that there were different centers of _________.

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