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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Positive Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "For the past two centuries, scientific claims have become the primary agent for validating Plato's ________."
(a) Life
(b) Argument
(c) Myth
(d) Story

2. Finding the errors and pointing them out is a part of ______ science, according to Gould.
(a) transmutable
(b) all
(c) positive
(d) negative

3. Binet believed that not all intelligence was ___________.
(a) inborn
(b) necessary
(c) the same
(d) allowed

4. Who was a 19th century anatomist who believed in the theory of polygenism?
(a) Broca
(b) Blumenbach
(c) Serres
(d) Gould

5. What does Gould want to find in science that will support the idea that biological determinism is a result of social prejudice?
(a) Errors in correlation
(b) Faulty logic
(c) Cultural influences
(d) Bad data systems

Short Answer Questions

1. "The __________ of inferior groups must be like __________ of superior groups..."

2. When Burt's sample increased, his correlation between pairs for IQ _________.

3. Eysenck believed the _____________ development of black youngsters develops more quickly than in whites.

4. Gould felt that Eysenck's arguments are not based on ___________ facts.

5. What was Lombroso's theory known as?

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