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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Real Error of Cyril Burt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who had a mental age between 3 and 7?
(a) Imbeciles
(b) Idiots
(c) Morons
(d) Debiles

2. Which was the second-ranked race for the practitioners of racial ranking?
(a) Blacks
(b) Chinese
(c) Whites
(d) Indians

3. The author of "An American Dilemma" says that Americans and others would only consider the __________ factors when they were forced to.
(a) spiritual
(b) environmental
(c) biological
(d) educational

4. Louis Pierre Gratiolet wanted to prove that __________ brains were bigger than __________ brains.
(a) French, German
(b) American, French
(c) German, American
(d) German, French

5. What does Gould want to find in science that will support the idea that biological determinism is a result of social prejudice?
(a) Cultural influences
(b) Bad data systems
(c) Faulty logic
(d) Errors in correlation

Short Answer Questions

1. A perfect correlation graph between two variables would show ________________.

2. Socrates' friend does not believe his ideas, saying that it is a lie and that ________ generations won't believe it, but ________ generations might.

3. E.D. Cope thought that _______ Europeans were inferior to others.

4. Who feels that blacks are inferior and therefore deserve the status of a slave?

5. Louis from #55 believed that there were different centers of _________.

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