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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Real Error of Cyril Burt.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Broca also thought that ________ should be denied the benefits of education due to smaller brains.
(a) elderly people
(b) women
(c) leaders
(d) children

2. The answer to #48 said that humans were distinguished from _________ by the human's ability to improve himself.
(a) savages
(b) slaves
(c) animals
(d) blacks

3. Where did Alfred Binet study human intelligence and how to measure it?
(a) Sorbonne
(b) Louvre
(c) Harvard
(d) MIT

4. "G" was considered to be _________.
(a) cultural
(b) gender based
(c) racial
(d) inherited

5. The German psychologist W. Stern argued that mental age should be ____________ by chronological age.
(a) divided
(b) added to
(c) multiplied
(d) subtracted

Short Answer Questions

1. Binet was commissioned in 1904 to find a way to identify children who ______________.

2. Blumenbach believed differences in races might be linked to __________.

3. The answer to #48 also said that adult blacks were like _______________.

4. Havelock found that _________ males were more effeminate.

5. Bean compared the _______ of blacks and whites to prove his view of the inferiority of blacks.

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