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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hereditarian Theory of IQ.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Socrates believe all people should be?
(a) Leaders
(b) Educated
(c) Argumentative
(d) Honest

2. What did Galton measure in order to ascertain the intelligence of people?
(a) Their leg length
(b) The space between their eyes
(c) Their skull
(d) Their wrist

3. What did Binet devise in order to help test the school children?
(a) A set of math problems
(b) A picture book
(c) Story problems
(d) A series of tasks

4. What did Gould see Broca had formed before he ever started his research?
(a) Book
(b) Data
(c) Mistakes
(d) Conclusions

5. Bean compared the _______ of blacks and whites to prove his view of the inferiority of blacks.
(a) arm lengths
(b) heights
(c) brains
(d) eyes

Short Answer Questions

1. Havelock Ellis was a scientist who claimed the superiority of __________ during this period.

2. Experts claimed it was no good to __________ blacks.

3. "Mental testing becomes a theory for enhancing ___________ through proper education."

4. Motor functions are performed at the _________ of the brain.

5. E.D. Cope thought that _______ Europeans were inferior to others.

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