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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hereditarian Theory of IQ.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the nationality of H. J. Eysenck?
(a) Swiss
(b) German
(c) British
(d) Swedish

2. Ranking is used to determine that various disadvantaged groups are ______________.
(a) growing
(b) exemplary
(c) unnecessary
(d) inferior

3. What does Gould want to find in science that will support the idea that biological determinism is a result of social prejudice?
(a) Cultural influences
(b) Bad data systems
(c) Faulty logic
(d) Errors in correlation

4. Socrates says that class is ____________.
(a) Predetermined
(b) Unneccesary
(c) Useful
(d) Inhumane

5. Binet was commissioned in 1904 to find a way to identify children who ______________.
(a) needed special help in school
(b) were unteachable
(c) were autistic
(d) were bad at math

Short Answer Questions

1. Unlike Binet, Goddard used __________ to label and to categorize.

2. The field of ________ sciences was redefined during the 19th century.

3. Intelligence, according to Goddard, came from ________ and nothing else.

4. It is logical to assume that mentality and ____________ are located in the brain.

5. Franklin P. Mall __________ and __________ Bean's work.

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