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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Measuring Heads.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Socrates' friend does not believe his ideas, saying that it is a lie and that ________ generations won't believe it, but ________ generations might.
(a) poor, rich
(b) common, enlightened
(c) present, future
(d) future, present

2. What was the most famous work of the man in #59?
(a) Crania Inca
(b) Crania Astounda
(c) Crania
(d) Crania Americana

3. Broca also thought that ________ should be denied the benefits of education due to smaller brains.
(a) children
(b) women
(c) leaders
(d) elderly people

4. Flaws in the experimental design, according to Gould, do not lead to _________ in the numbers.
(a) proper graphs
(b) usefulness
(c) credibility
(d) the right sums

5. Blumenbach believed differences in races might be linked to __________.
(a) water supply
(b) DNA
(c) dood
(d) climate

Short Answer Questions

1. Broca's numbers were based on his ______________, according to Gould.

2. It is logical to assume that mentality and ____________ are located in the brain.

3. The main question becomes, can ________ change the status of the inferior group?

4. The author of "An American Dilemma" says that Americans and others would only consider the __________ factors when they were forced to.

5. The answer to #55 was known as a _________ because he looked for small differences between species.

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