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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Measuring Heads.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author of "An American Dilemma" says that Americans and others would only consider the __________ factors when they were forced to.
(a) educational
(b) biological
(c) environmental
(d) spiritual

2. Flaws in the experimental design, according to Gould, do not lead to _________ in the numbers.
(a) usefulness
(b) the right sums
(c) credibility
(d) proper graphs

3. Did a desire for ______ lead to the questions and data to support a predetermined conclusion?
(a) answers
(b) ranking
(c) races
(d) slaves

4. Gould does not believe that ____________ change reflects changes in social concepts.
(a) scientific
(b) biological
(c) cultural
(d) racial

5. What does Socrates believe all people should be?
(a) Argumentative
(b) Educated
(c) Honest
(d) Leaders

Short Answer Questions

1. Leaders of the eighteenth and nineteenth century did not dispute __________.

2. Who was the skull collector that had more than one thousand different skulls?

3. Where did Francis Galton have a display in 1884?

4. On what did Bean gather information?

5. Louis Pierre Gratiolet wanted to prove that __________ brains were bigger than __________ brains.

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