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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Measuring Heads.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Galton measure in order to ascertain the intelligence of people?
(a) Their wrist
(b) The space between their eyes
(c) Their skull
(d) Their leg length

2. The craniometry argument is the first __________ argument that has been offered.
(a) logical
(b) reliable
(c) plausible
(d) scientific

3. Which view was based on the story of Adam and Eve?
(a) Recapitulation
(b) Monogenism
(c) Racial ranking
(d) Polygenism

4. Louis Pierre Gratiolet wanted to prove that __________ brains were bigger than __________ brains.
(a) German, American
(b) German, French
(c) French, German
(d) American, French

5. The individual's social and economic status is determined by biology so any attempt to make changes has to be _________.
(a) impossible
(b) costly
(c) unlikely
(d) useful

Short Answer Questions

1. Which was the second-ranked race for the practitioners of racial ranking?

2. Gould goes on to say that science has not been constrained by _________.

3. What kinds of weaknesses is Gould looking to find in the arguments of other scientists presented in this book?

4. Experts claimed it was no good to __________ blacks.

5. When did craniometry first appear in the study of intelligence?

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