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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through American Polygeny and Craniometry before Darwin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Science means looking for the ________ based on facts.
(a) answer
(b) truth
(c) reality
(d) theory

2. Black anatomical structure was often compared to that of a __________.
(a) dog
(b) monkey
(c) horse
(d) donkey

3. The answer to #48 also said that adult blacks were like _______________.
(a) white adolescents
(b) monkeys
(c) black children
(d) white children

4. Gould wants to know if science added the ___________ data, or......
(a) partial
(b) reliable
(c) total
(d) legitimate

5. Who was a 19th century anatomist who believed in the theory of polygenism?
(a) Serres
(b) Gould
(c) Blumenbach
(d) Broca

Short Answer Questions

1. Hume believed there was never a __________ nation that wasn't made of white men.

2. Gould does not believe that ____________ change reflects changes in social concepts.

3. Each person is assigned a single ________ that determines his ranking on the scale.

4. The answer to #48 also tried to show the entities with a higher ranking had to repeat the _________ of those with lower ranking.

5. Socrates' friend does not believe his ideas, saying that it is a lie and that ________ generations won't believe it, but ________ generations might.

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