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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the study of measuring the human head in order to assess intelligence called?
(a) Cranial-sacral therapy
(b) Neurology
(c) Craniometry
(d) Psychology

2. Ranking is used to determine that various disadvantaged groups are ______________.
(a) exemplary
(b) unnecessary
(c) inferior
(d) growing

3. The argument of _______________ is the basis for believing that measuring the intelligence of an individual allows a measure of worth or value to be attached.
(a) biological evolution
(b) biological destiny
(c) biological transfiguration
(d) biological determinism

4. The individual's social and economic status is determined by biology so any attempt to make changes has to be _________.
(a) impossible
(b) costly
(c) unlikely
(d) useful

5. What is the one category to which Socrates does NOT say people belong?
(a) Peasants
(b) Craftsman
(c) Auxiliaries
(d) Rules

Short Answer Questions

1. Science means looking for the ________ based on facts.

2. Gould goes on to say that science has not been constrained by _________.

3. Gould also wants to look for problems in the ___________ data.

4. Socrates says that class is ____________.

5. What kinds of weaknesses is Gould looking to find in the arguments of other scientists presented in this book?

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